Portable Pelted With Bottles At Small Doctor’s Lagos Concert

Uproar rocked the concert of Small Doctor as angry fans threw plastic bottles at Portable, the controversial ‘Zazoo’ singer.

Portable was among the artistes enlisted for the concert titled ‘Afro and the Beats’.

The drama started when Small Doctor introduced the ‘Zazoo Zeh’ crooner to the audience but was vehemently rejected by the crowd at the Agege Stadium in Lagos state on Friday.

Members of the audience were seen throwing bottles at him in the now trending videos.

In reaction, Portable clapped back at the audience, saying they “invited a madman”.

“Agege, the devil cannot build a house close to Jesus…know what you are doing, you are the one that invited a madman, you will see madness,” he said.

The audience were further infuriated with his remarks, thereby asking him to leave the stage.

However, Small Doctor tried to intervene as he pleaded with the audience for calm.

“It won’t be well with anyone that disrespects you, do you want to put me to shame? Please don’t be angry,” he told the audience.

But the embattled crowd maintained Portable must leave the stage.

It is likely the audience reaction may be connected to Portable’s recent remark about Small Doctor and Agege residents.

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Portable had rained curses on Small Doctor and claimed he is more popular than the ‘Penalty’ crooner in Agege.

“Werey (idiot), he (Small Doctor) said they should strip me, that he will come and settle it. Ogun will kill you Small Doctor, I’m tougher than you….it won’t be well with you, where is your father’s house in Agege, I’m from Agege…I only ran away from home because of money, you sent Awawa boys to catch me…,” he said in Pidgin.

It is understood that Agege fans loyal to Small Doctor considered the remark as a disrespect to the region.

However, in a new development, portable has taken to his social media page to call out Small Doctor and accuse him of beefing his glory.

In a now deleted post, the controversial singer who seemed convinced that Small Doctor was behind what happened to him on stage in Agege, noted that it was as a result of envy.

He disclosed that Small Doctor is envious of him because he is the bigger music artiste. He then proceeded to rain curses on the Agege musician. According to Portable, Small Doctor was the one who told the crowd to attack him and despite that, none of the things they threw hit him.

Not stopping there, he cautioned Small Doctor not to come to any show in Ogun state because he will tell his boys to strip him naked and beat him up.

He added that he has beat him up in the past at show promoter Abu Abel’s house and he will do it again wherever they happen to meet.

He also went ahead to mention places where he would deal with Small Doctor if he happens to meet him there, places like Ibadan, Sango, Oshogbo and Ilorin.

Watch concert video here: Portable Stoned With Bottles At Small Doctor’s  Concert