#STEAMHEAT – Gamers On a Roll, As Steam Card Rates Break The Charts

With the holidays getting closer, demand from gamers for gaming gift cards like Steam cards to make in-game purchases and try out new games this season has reached a fever pitch as steam rates have soared to an all-time high for the first time this year.

This has also given steam gift card holders the opportunity to exchange their gift cards for cash at ridiculously high rates on all Cardtonic trading platforms since the beginning of the #STEAMHEAT 30-day campaign.

The Cardtonic brand is now at the forefront of keen players’ minds in Ghana and Nigeria thanks to this new promotion, which was introduced on November 21, 2022.

At the moment, the price of $100 steam card on Cardtonic is as high as 805/$ for physical cards and 755/$ for e-codes. In other words, if you sell your physical or steam e-code gift card on Cardtonic right now, you could get up to 80,500 Naira or 75,500 Naira respectively.

Speaking to a representative from Cardtonic, he said:

“Cardtonic has demonstrated its dedication to fostering financial growth among its clients with the #STEAMHEAT campaign. The rates are unbelievable, the feedback on our social media platforms is positive, and at the same time, we are meeting the demand for Steam gift cards among enthusiastic gamers. It’s a win-win for everybody, active gamers and Steam card holders alike.”

In response to the launch of the #STEAMHEAT campaign on Monday, November 21, Emmanuel commented on Instagram, saying, “I was surprised when I saw the rate this morning. I had to confirm it again, and men, the rate is quite high!”

Another Instagram user, official_respectmonero, commented saying, “Wow! Cardtonic, your rate is boom! Thank you for the good rates on all cards.”

Bishi on Twitter also expressed his excitement by tweeting, “Y’all should trade with cardtonic, they’ve got the wildest rate for Steam cards.”

We can safely draw the conclusion that this time of the year is the most lucrative for gamers, as evidenced by their enormous response to the new rates, even though the campaign is still in its early stages.


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