18 Burnt To Death In Bauchi Road Accident

A total of 21 travellers were involved in the accident, the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) said on Thursday.

Confirming the incident, the Sector Commander, of the Federal Road Safety Corp (FRSC), Bauchi State, Yusuf Abdullahi, said the accident was caused by a speed violation by the bus driver.

“We were made to understand that as he was coming, he lost control and left his lane and faced an oncoming trailer and you know that the fuel tank of a hummer bus is very close to the engine. The moment it had a head-on collision, the next thing is for it to go into flames.”

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He said the occupants of the vehicles could not get help immediately because, “the incident happened in a bush where there were no people, there was nobody close that could render any assistance. The whole vehicle and the occupants were burnt down to ashes completely.”

According to him, “21 individuals, comprising of 18 male adults and three children were involved in the crash. The mass burial of the corpses is ongoing by the Nigeria Police Force and Social Welfare Officers.”

Abdullahi also stated that mass burial was immediately carried out for the victims by the Nigeria Police Force.

He attributed the cause of the crash to a speed violation which led to a head-on collision between the two vehicles.

The Sector Commander, however, advised road users to always be conscious of traffic rules and regulations while plying the roads.

He urged vehicle owners and drivers to ensure they have good tyres, average speed, routine vehicle maintenance and sound state of mind while driving.