“No S*x For 21 Days” – Pastor Ibiyomie Tells Couples As Church Begins Fasting

Founder of Salvation Ministries, Pastor David Ibiyeomie has instructed husbands and wives to abstain from sex for 21 days as the church begins fasting and prayer.

Ibiyomie said this during the church’s first service yesterday.

According to him, couples are to stay away from sex for the 21 days the fasting would last, stressing that such won’t kill anyone.

He said, “Abstain from sex this fasting season because I’ve heard people say, ‘My husband said that once we break since we eat food, we should eat this one too’! So, ah! I’ve heard it! As a Pastor, they say please talk to my husband that we are fasting!

“They are not sinners, two of them are members of the Church! They said, ‘Since we eat food, this one too’! Please 1 Corinthians 7:5, let’s close! All the married people read this Scripture! That you break with food doesn’t mean you should break with everything!

“Twenty one days ‘no go kill you!’ Stay away from that area! Life is not about sex. This is not the time to sleep with your husband and wife! Can you hear what I’m saying? From tomorrow, close that place till twenty one days!

“Leave it! Go on leave! You will not die! ‘You no go die!’ Married people, you will not die! Don’t say, ‘I think ‘we dey chop after we break!’ Leave that area! But most of you, you don’t understand the Bible, you turn the Bible upside down! And you say, ‘The Bible did not say that we cannot…’! You know people, when it comes to bad things they preach the Bible! They won’t read! They say, ‘Since we break with food, why don’t we break for the other one?’ When we break finish’, we will continue the fasting! ‘Na lie!’ It’s not so oh,” he said.

According to Ibiyeomie, “This period that you are fasting, there are things to abstain from! And one of them is sex! Don’t go! If you are a maniac, do all today! After today, leave your husband and wife! In case your own (husband and wife), without sex they can’t sleep! There are some people, their life is all about sex! If you feel he’s a machine, finish today!

“My friend, life is not about sex! can you hear me now? Be spiritually minded! Some of you, if he says okay, ‘I no go fit, oya you go tire na! You no go tire?’ You go tire! And too much sex affects the mind! Every person who likes too much sex, they are dull! Check very well! Because the same place of intelligence is the same place of sex! So check anybody who likes too much sex, they are not intelligent! So calm down! No be food!

“Okay! after today, go on break! For twenty one days! How many of you are married? Tell the married man, ‘Calm down oo’! After 12 midnight today! Say, ‘Road blocked’! No more! Just shut your mind! Forget that area of your life and face twenty one days! Is it too much? It’s not much? Let’s be certain with this! Will you die?”