Actress Ruth Kadiri Tackles Men Trending On Social Media For Being Snatched By Another Woman

Nollywood actress Ruth Kadiri has said that a man who has self worth wouldn’t allow himself trend on social media for being snatched.

She made this known on her Instagram page on Tuesday.

This is coming a day after a lady, identified as Munira Mudi, had narrated how she introduced her boyfriend to her friend, Adeola Ariyo during her baby shower.

The lady said she was preparing to welcome a child with her boyfriend when she found out that her “friend had gotten into a relationship with my man”.

Adeola Ariyo, the Nigerian-born model, has been at the receiving end of intense criticism on social media for allegedly snatching her friend’s baby daddy.

Reacting to this, Kadiri wrote, “Any man who has self-worth! Will never let himself trend on social media for been snatched. So when next you see a (snatched man) publicly loving up with the snatcher, regardless of what went wrong in the relationship! He is a MUMU man. Ladies know this and know peace and stop fighting for nonsense.

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“Nothing worse than dating a person who has no self-worth. Women / men. Stop fighting over spouses who have no value for themselves, Gosh! I don’t care what your reasons are. Stop it. Any man that has sense will never publicly humiliate one for another. VALUELESS women excited he left her for me.”