Chrisland School: ‘Whitney Has Never Been Hospitalized Since Birth’ – Father Laments

Michael Adeniran, the father of Whitney Adeniran, the Chrisland School student that recently died has refuted claims by the school management that her daughter had “not-too-buoyant health” before her death.

Adediran disclosed that he has taken legal steps to ensure justice is served on the matter while speaking with Tribune.

Adeniran said, “Chrisland should make sure they don’t go and bribe the Pathology department of Lagos State. They are the ones who are refusing and told me not to go (for an autopsy) before. Suddenly, they are coming to tell me that I should make sure the autopsy is done. Meaning that they have gone to bribe their way through. But I will give them a shocker of their life.

“(Sobs)… I gave birth to Whitney in 2010 and since that day till date, my daughter has never slept in the hospital.

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“If my child is sick who is to know she is sick? The teachers in school or the parents that gave birth to her? So, a child that is healthy, you’re telling me that my child is sick, and emotional.”

He furthered, “What I’m engaging with Chrisland now is a battle. Everything I need to do legally I have started doing it. And one thing I can guarantee Chrisland is, they should get their lawyers ready, I will get mine ready. They are afraid of going to court because they killed my child.

“If they think they know the judges, justice or know the minister of whatever, I’m ready because I have Nigerians right behind me.

“In as much as they know what killed my child and not telling me, the battle line is drawn. They can bribe whoever they want to bribe but they won’t escape this. You killed my child and told me she slumped and died. They have forgotten fellow students are there (as eyewitnesses) and they will talk.

“If you want to shut the mouths of two students, you cannot shut the mouths of 500 students. It can be them tomorrow too. Tell them to get ready.”