Empress Njamah Recovers Instagram Account From Ex Fiancé, Says He Stole Valuables Worth Millions

Nollywood Actress, Empress Njamah has gotten her Instagram account back, weeks after it was seized by her estranged fiance.

Njamah, who has since been in the news after her former lover, George Wade, hacked her account and blackmailed her with her nude videos in his possession.

The matter went downhill after the so-called lover carried out his threat and released the actress’ unclad photos and videos.

The actress has since then been fighting to keep her dignity intact as Wade is bent on ruining her reputation.

However, on Wednesday, Empress happily revealed the recovery of her page on Instagram and appreciated all her friends and families who stood by her.

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She further apologised to her fans and lovers who got scammed by her blackmailer, who pretended that he was in charge of the actress’ hospital bills while she was hospitalized.

Speaking on her next line of action, Empress averred that she has reported him to the appropriate authorities who are all on the look out for him.

Her post read, “I’m so happy to have gotten my personal Instagram page back from the blackmailer, even though he did a lot of damage already.

“This blackmailer ran away with my car, international passport, three phones, and valuables worth millions. Taking all my money but not my life like he has done to so many of his victims. Using my DM to chat ladies asking for dollar accounts and their nudes and blackmailing them.

“I was glad I came out to speak. Putting his pictures out there brought out so many of his victims, it exposed a lot about him. The appropriate authorities are on it but he is still on the run.

“I was able to escape and run for my life from his regular beating, threats, humiliation (I practically lived in the hospital) because I exposed him. Thank God I’m alive, free and getting my life back.” She wrote.