Police PRO Benjamin Hundeyin Calls Out Journalist, Fisayo Soyombo Over His Comment Against Police Force

Lagos State Police Command PRO has called out Investigative journalist, Fisayo Soyombo for a damaging report he made about the Nigerian police.

Soyombo had taken to Twitter to question why there was a POS operator inside the office of the O/C Surveillance in Area J Police Station Elemoro, Ibeju/Lekki.

“Why have you turned your police station to a cash-or-PoS business where bail is never free,” Soyombo asked the police.

Hundeyin took a screenshot of Soyombo’s tweet and called him out for failing to verify what the PoS operator was doing at the station.

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Hundeyin wrote: “Investigative journalist that cannot confirm if the woman is there regularly or if anyone was truly extorted using her services.

“Often times, people have transaction issues with POS operators and end up in police stations. Are we to stop them from coming in with their machines?”

“If there’s no story, stay quiet. Don’t force yourself to remain relevant.”

Fisayo hit back, writing: “Police spokesman who keeps defending corruption, how do you even sleep at night? Do you sometimes have a conscience — I mean 10secs of conscience out of 24hrs/day”

“I’ll post an audio from that police station soon, and you can tell us if it looks like ‘people having issues.”

Hundeyin replied: “Anyone can bring any audio from anywhere.

“But why do you sometimes come up with contrived stories?”

Soyombo retorted: “Is this you stylishly asking me not to release the audio, Benjamin Hundeyin?

Okay, I won’t release it anymore.”

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