Virginities Are Gambled Away At Price Of iPhones On Valentine’s Day – Mike Bamiloye

Mike Bamiloye, the founder and president of the film production company Mount Zion Faith Ministries has decried the “lustful funs” attached to the Valentine’s Day celebration.

The christian film maker in an Instagram post on Tuesday, stated that girls will trade their virginity for iPhones on Valentine’s Day.

He wrote, “It is ‘Valentinous’ Day! Souls of men are sold for a Price of Pizza. Glorious Futures are mortgaged for a price of donut.

“Lives are exchanged for deaths and virginities are gambled away at the price of iPhones.”

“It is Valentines Day! Ignoble Spirits of the Rivers and Oceans the World over are migrating to the Club Houses and Parties to mingle with the Sons and Daughters of Men.

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”This Evening, Marine Spirits and Spirits of the Forests in Human forms would wine and dine with the Men and women. Demonic Spirits from Marine world would come from the belly of the Ocean Kingdoms with gifts for their girl and boy friends.

”Many would sleep on the same bed tonight with ghosts and spirits from Demonic kingdoms who had come to make vows and covenants with the sons and daughters of men.”