Dentist Arrested For Poisoning Wife’s Milk Shake, Killing Her To ‘Start New Life With His Mistress’

James Toliver Craig, a dentist in Colorado, United States of America has been arrested after allegedly poisoning his wife’s morning protein shakes with arsenic.

Craig, 45, was arrested on Sunday morning, March 19 for what police called a ‘heinous, complex, and calculated murder’ of his wife Angela Craig, 43.

As his 43-year-old spouse lay dying in the hospital, Craig allegedly flew his orthodontist lover from Austin to Denver, with whom he had exchanged “sexually explicit emails,” according to a detailed arrest affidavit.

The charging document described the couple’s troubled marriage, financial difficulties and Craig’s alleged sinister plot to murder her.

“In totality, this investigation has proven that James has gone to great lengths to try and end his wife’s life,” Aurora Police Detective Bobbi Olson wrote in the affidavit.

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On Feb. 27, Craig created a secret email account,, which he only used on a computer in his now-shuttered Summerbrook Dental Office, investigators allege.

“While using this account, he researched multiple ‘undetectable poisons.” His Google history also revealed searches for “how many grams of pure arsenic will kill a human?” and “Is Arsenic Detectible in Autopsy?”, Fox News reported.

Angela, who was also the mother of his six children, was admitted to Parker Adventist Hospital on March 6, complaining of abdominal pain, dehydration, vomiting, diarrhea, an altered mental state, and organ failure.

On March 6, the couple worked out together and her husband made her a “pre-workout shake in which James gave her extra protein because she was feeling sluggish,” the affidavit alleges.

Hours later, she complained of feeling faint and dizzy and was admitted to the hospital but discharged the same day.

“I feel drugged,” Angela Craig texted her husband. Her sister told police that James Craig had drugged his wife about five years earlier because he had planned to commit suicide and didn’t want her to stop him.

“Given our history, I know that must be a trigger,” he replied to his wife in a text. “Just for the record, I didn’t drug you. I am super worried though. You looked pale before I left. Like your lips even.”

That night, her husband allegedly ordered Oleandrin, another poison, which was intercepted before delivery.

The deranged dentist was soon back at his keyboard allegedly ordering more poison. On March 8, he allegedly purchased a rush delivery of potassium cyanide, which arrived at his dental office on March 13.

Meanwhile, his wife was readmitted to the hospital on March 9, where she remained for five days, aligning nicely with a two-day visit from his paramour.

On March 15, one day after Angela Craig was discharged from the hospital, she was readmitted and “started to suffer from a severe seizure,” the affidavit says. She was rushed to the intensive care unit and pronounced brain dead.

James Craig’s mistress returned to Denver the next day.

Her sister, Toni Kofoed, told investigators that the couple’s marriage had always been “tumultuous” and that James Craig had “multiple affairs with several women” and was “addicted to pornography since he was a teenager.”

Angela Craig told her sister several times over the past 16 years that she planned to leave him, but he always convinced her to stay. The couple was also broke and on the verge of declaring bankruptcy for a second time, the documents allege.

Angela Craig had complained to her sister that her husband had recently gambled away over $2,000 on a trip to Las Vegas.

Police launched an investigation after James Craig’s business partner, Ryan Redfearn, reported his suspicion that the dentist had poisoned his wife.