“I’m Looking For A Man To Marry Me” – 16-Year-Old Girl Cries Out In Kano

An unnamed 16-year-old girl in Kano State has expressed how eager she is to get married.

The girl, who just finished her secondary school, claimed that she made the decision to go public and express her thoughts to the world in the hopes that she could be fortunate enough to find a partner.

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Speaking to Freedom Radio, the girl said although she advertised herself, she preferred to marry an elderly person.

She said, “I am here looking for a husband; that is all I want now. I am not talking about studies now, but I may consider that after I get married. The kind of husband I want should be an old man or someone that spent years without marriage.”

When asked whether she would consider sacrificing or discounting some of the expenses associated with marriage, she said, “I won’t do that, but I will consider reducing, as I will accept whatever he brings no matter how little. All I want is someone that will love me and marry me for the sake of Almighty God.

Speaking on whether it is allowed for a woman to advertise herself to men for marriage, a Kano-based cleric, Sheikh Abubakar Sulaiman Abubakr, told City & Crime that it was allowed and legitimate as it happened during the time of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

He said, “So far as she has reached the age of puberty, then there is nothing wrong with that. Even though it is a bit strange to our norms; it is allowed in Islam.”