Borno Hisbah Officials Forcefully Shave Youths’ “Immoral Haircut” (Photos)

Men of the Borno State Hisbah Board have forcefully shaved the heads of some youths including underaged boys in the state for not being modest.

The Deputy Commander-General, Mal. Abdurahaman Musa, in a statement posted on the board’s Facebook page on Monday, April 24, 2023, said the Islamic police decided to shave their hair because the hairstyle was against “the norms and values of the people of Borno State.”

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They were also punished for dressing in ways the officials consider to be offensive to Islam.

The agency which was established to enforce Sharia law has banned stylish haircuts, sagging of trousers, playing of music at social events by disk jockeys and tricycle riders from adorning their vehicles with pictures considered to be obscene and against the tenets of Islam in some states in the North.

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