How To Find Student Housing

If you’re a college student, finding housing can be challenging. As a student, you have to find housing that is within your budget, and you also want to live close to campus so you’re not spending too much time commuting.

Also, you likely want to live somewhere that’s close to any errands you need to run or to your job. Lastly, many college students want to find housing that allows them to connect with other students and peers. 

If you need help finding student housing or need tips to make the process more straightforward, this guide is here to help. Here are some suggestions for finding suitable student housing, regardless of where you go to school.

Work With Your College

The first resource for any college student when it comes to housing is working with your college or university. Most, although not all, schools have on-campus and off-campus housing options of many kinds. While first-year students are often encouraged to live on campus, many universities allow upper-class students to stay. 

However, there are a couple of downsides to finding housing through your school. If you’re a nontraditional student with a family or you’re older than the average college student, on-campus housing might not work. Also, dorms and other university housing can be more expensive than other places.

So, don’t feel you must go with these options if they don’t work for you.

Use Online Housing Groups

Regardless of where you go to school, you’ll likely be able to find housing groups in your area. Other students are probably trying to find roommates or someone to take over their lease. 

So, when you’re looking for a more affordable option, search online. This is also an excellent way to find a like-minded roommate. However, a note of caution here. 

Still, a word of caution. Many online housing groups deal with scammers, so be sure to use due diligence to ensure your own safety. 

Find A Reputable Property Management Company

Finding housing that isn’t connected to your school is an excellent option for older students or those who don’t prefer not to live under university rules. While you could try to find housing in online groups, a safer option is to find a trusted property management company. While not all housing groups and other methods of finding housing are bad, a trusted property management team in your area is often safer, as you’re less likely to deal with scams.

However, one downside to this method is that it may be harder to find a property management company that wants to allow multiple people on one lease, so this kind of housing is better for those with a bit more budget.

Find Friends And Classmates To Rent With

Sharing an apartment with strangers is often stressful, so don’t count on trying to find a place with people you already know. If you’re currently in school, you can see if classmates or those you do extracurriculars with are also looking for housing. This way, you can split the costs and save money.

For younger college students, especially, sharing an apartment or house with other people is an excellent way to split costs.

Ask Family For Assistance

While not all college students have families or friends that can help them, it doesn’t hurt to ask. See if your parents or guardians can help you sign for an apartment or get approved for a lease. 

Remember that while finding student housing can be stressful, you’ll have more success if you give yourself extra time to find the right place.