‘I Know What Tinubu Can Do, My Life Is Endangered’ – Ex-Lagos Dep. Governor, Ojikutu

Sinatu Ojikutu, a former Lagos State deputy governor, has cried out over what she described as a threat to her life following the emergence of former governor Bola Ahmed Tinubu as Nigeria’s president-elect.

The first female deputy governor who served as deputy governor during the administration of late governor Michael Otedola in the State from 1992 to 1993, alleged the threat to life at a press conference on Wednesday in Lagos.

According to Ojikutu, she has commenced the process of renouncing her Nigerian citizenship as she had promised if Tinubu emerged the country’s president.

The former deputy governor who revealed that her problem with the president-elect started when she opposed his governorship ambition more than 20 years ago, added that efforts to resolve the differences between the them had failed to achieve desired results.

She added that a reconciliatory move initiated by former president Olusegun Obasanjo also failed because Tinubu refused to listen to the former president.

Ojikutu said: “I came out before the election to say that if former Governor Bola Tinubu won the election, I, Sinatu Aderoju Ojikutu, will renounce the citizenship of this nation and I have my reasons.

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“When he won, people called me and said he had won, that he would not do anything bad to me. But I know this man and I have known him for over 20 years now, I know what he has done to me personally.

“So calling this press conference is also to show that I am personally endangered by the current situation. I am endangered, I have been ostracized, humiliated in places where I should be honoured because of Tinubu not being at peace with me.

“The last thing before the election was when it came to me that he was saying that am I still alive? When somebody mentioned my issue to him, I understand, he said, ‘Is she still around?’ What does that mean?

“What does he mean? I am alive, hale and hearty. Have they planned my death? Why should anybody be asking if I am still alive? Up till today, since I raised that issue in January, none of his associates I have talked to has gotten back to me and this is giving me a personal concern. Am I safe? And there are many people like that in my category.”

“People have been saying that people do not like former governor Bola Tinubu but nobody has bothered to ask what of the people that Bola Tinubu does not like? It is a two-way thing,” she said, while calling on security agencies to provide security for her and her family.