What is Trenbolone and how does it affect the body?

When Trenbolone was first ordered in 1963, probably no one had any idea of the extent to which the drug would develop. Trenbolone acetate, which was ordered by the pharmaceutical company Roussel UCLAF, was followed by trenbolone hexahydrobenzyl carbonate and finally trenbolone enanthate and trenbolone ester. The latter was increasingly used especially in the bodybuilder sector. The special feature: The compound has not been used in human or veterinary medicine before. It first appeared as a preparation from the so-called underground laboratories. Production was easy – the product could also be resold cheaply. But what is trenbolone really and how does it affect the human organism?

What is meant by trenbolone?

Trenbolone from the English manufacturer British Dragon was, after all, the first product with the active ingredient trenbolone enanthate. Today, there are many different companies that make use of this drug ingredient. This is probably because the price of trenbolone enantane as a raw ingredient is only about one third of the total price of trenbolone hexahydobenzyl carbonate. Thus, it is a cheaper alternative that can still be marketed well.

In fact, trenbolone enanthate is only used in underground products and will never be used in the medical field. The reason for this is that trenbolone is a doping agent that has a strong stimulant effect and has a euphoric effect especially on the central nervous system. However, it not only increases motivation, but also motor activity. By taking trenbolone, the last reserves of strength can thus be mobilized during training and sports. The ability to concentrate is also activated.

What sounds positive at first, however, has a lasting effect on the human body. Substances such as trenbolone can be detected in the blood for a long time – they act like an addictive substance that, when taken continuously, can lead to

  • exhaustion
  • Fainting
  • Weakness of consciousness
  • sleep disturbances
  • aggressiveness
  • increased blood pressure
  • heavy sweating
  • worsened liver function
  • damage to heart function

and, if taken continuously, can lead to death. But let’s take a closer look at the synthetic substance.

What is the composition of the active ingredient trenbolone?

Strictly speaking, Trenbolone belongs to the series of 19-nor steroids. Steroids, in turn, are ring-shaped molecules that belong to the family of fats and play an important role for the human body. They are important for the formation of vitamins as well as hormones and are therefore essential. However, trenbolone lacks for the testosterone derivatives usual methyl group at position 19 as well as another double bond at position 9 as well as 11. These double bonds are called trienone system in expert circles. Tren is thus an abbreviation for tri-ene.

In the case of trenbolone enanthate, an enanthate ester has been placed at the beta-hydroxyl group of trenbolone molecules at position 17. The active ingredient has – in contrast to the unesterified trenobolone, which is completely processed in the human organism within a short time – a depot effect in the body. Trenbolone enantate is therefore inactive from a purely biological point of view until enantate ester is broken down enzymatically and cannot be broken down. Since Enantate Ester is a very heavy ester, the total effective time in the body can thus be around 14 days.

Why do bodybuilders use Trenblone?

Since Trenbolone has an anabolic effect, the active ingredient is increasingly used in bodybuilding. The active ingredient can increase the IGF-1 level in muscle tissue by up to 200 percent. IGF-1 stimulates the growth of all muscle cells and is also known to repair damage in the muscle area.

At the same time, trenbolone has an active ingredient that optimizes nutrient redistribution. Thus, a proportion of the nutrients supplied through the diet can promote the development as well as maintenance of muscle tissue. However, this means at the same time that less nutrient remains for the fat storage balance.

In addition, trenbolone is said to have a strength-increasing reputation. This is due to the fact that the active ingredient challenges the muscle cells in such a way that increased ATP needed for muscle contractions is produced.

How strong is the androgenic effect of trenbolone?

Although trenbolone was developed in the 1960s and various studies have been conducted since then, there is still uncertainty about the androgenic effect of trenbolone. So far, there are numerous statements that trenbolone has a very pronounced androgenic effect that exceeds that of testosterone in length.

According to a recent study on live animals, it has been determined that the androgen effect of trenbolone active ingredients in the androgen-sensitive tissue area of the prostate is much lower than that of testosterone.

In addition to the anabolic as well as androgenic effects, trenbolone is said to have an anti-catabolic effect, however, bodybuilders may want it when dieting and before competitions. Unlike many other anabolic steroids, trenbolone promotes fat burning. However, this effect is said to be successfully realizable only when there is little or no estrogen in the organism of users. Bodybuilders who want to benefit from trenbolone therefore often use additional testosterone to keep estrogen levels as low as possible.

In addition to burning fat, trenbolone has a tremendous progesterone effect, which causes the body temperature to rise when it is elevated. In this context, the increased thermogenesis leads to increased energy consumption as well as hot flashes along with sweating.

In addition to fat burning, trenbolone is known for increasing muscle hardness. Trenbolone causes almost no estrogen-related water retention and acts together with aldosterone – a hormone that is also responsible for water balance.

Are side effects to be expected with trenbolone?

Since trenbolone has an androgenic effect, which is however rather low, side effects in the androgen-related area should be rather low. Consequences such as hair loss, acne or oily skin should be counteracted with a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor.

Moreover, when used alone, no estrogen-related side effects are to be expected. The situation may be different, however, if steroids are taken in combination with trenbolone. In this case, there may be a pronounced effect of progesterone, which increases estrogen formation in certain tissue areas.

When is Trenbolone ideally used?

Trenbolone enanthate is mainly used by strength athletes during diets and before competitions. The main purpose is to promote the build-up of muscle mass. For this purpose, the longer-acting trenbolone enanthate is used for muscle building, while the short-acting trenbolone acetate is preferred for dieting.

Users who took trenbolone were able to record improved fitness after only a short time. Whether muscle mass also builds up faster and fat is reduced probably depends on the training. In any case, it is important that Trenbolone is not for beginners, but if should only be used by professionals.

Of course, care should be taken not to help yourself on the black market, but to buy the active ingredient only from reputable dealers who pass on excellent goods to buyers. Moreover, these sell only legal preparations that contain other active ingredients besides trenbolone, which the athlete needs to get closer to his goals. Thus, it is possible to promote muscle building and optimize strength as well as endurance.


Even beginners know that muscles are not formed overnight. Regular training sessions and a healthy diet provide a good initial basis. However, many bodybuilders resort to various aids over time to help their fortunes soar. With performance-enhancing substances, muscle building can be improved – however, in this context, one should not reach for just any products, but only for preparations from reputable dealers, as otherwise more side effects than positive aspects could emerge.