Why is the UAE Golden Visa so Popular?

Fast-growing economy, favorable conditions for business, developed infrastructure, high standard of living, no income tax, multicultural and safe environment – all these factors attract investors and highly qualified specialists from around the world to the UAE. Therefore, such golden visa programs are top-rated. If you consider the statistics of the company Immigrant Invest, you can see that each year, the number of those wishing to develop their lives in this country is increasing more and more.

What is the UAE Golden Visa?

A residence visa is a document that allows foreign nationals to live, work, conduct business, and study at elite educational institutions throughout the country. In addition, entrepreneurs and investors have the right to own their commerce in the Emirates fully. In UAE Golden Visa has been implemented to attract highly skilled professionals, handypersons, and talents successfully. By obtaining UAE residency by investment, it is possible to stimulate the investment environment and promote the development and success of commercial activities – said a specialist of Immigrant Invest Svetlana Gorchakova.

Benefits of the UAE Golden Visa

The country offers potential residents the opportunity to live in a dynamic multi-ethnic society based on a constantly evolving economy, taking care of the stability and prosperity of its citizens. It is one of the pros of this program. But there are even more attractive benefits of the UAE gold document. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Candidates may include their spouses and children, regardless of their age, in the application for this document.
  2. In addition to the right to reside and work in the UAE, candidates can study at local schools and universities.
  3. Eligible spouses and children may remain in the country for the duration of residency status, including in the event of the death of the principal applicant.
  4. UAE golden passport holders and their family members can stay abroad longer than the standard six-month period while retaining the right to reside in the country.
  5. Beneficial financial prospects are available to residents. They are only provided to citizens who take advantage of the program of low taxation, particularly with zero tax on personal income.
  6. Candidates can apply for an unlimited number of compliant non-UAE nationals who are required as domestic staff.

Besides security and tranquility, residents enjoy one of the world’s highest standards of quality of life. The country’s wealth means it invests heavily in health care, technology, luxury, and engineering. As a result, cities are elegant and clean, filled with dizzying skyscrapers designed by world-renowned architects.

 Who is eligible for the UAE Golden Visa?

The following individuals may apply for this document:

  • scientists, PhDs, and data processing experts;
  • executive directors, executives;
  • physicians;
  • university graduates with a grade point average of 3.8 or higher;
  • financial investor and individuals investing in real estate;
  • entrepreneurs;
  • engineers in computer science, electrification, electronics, programming, and biotechnology.

You can get a golden visa to have excellent opportunities for life in the UAE only if you meet certain conditions.

What are the requirements for the UAE Golden Visa?

Candidates must meet the criteria for a gold visa by completing the following instructions to submit their application to obtain the document:

  1. Provide proof of full ownership of any financial means intended for the respective investments.
  2. Proof of permanent residence in the form of documents of purchase or lease of real estate as well. These requirements apply only to the possibility of investing in real estate.
  3. Get health insurance for the applicant and all dependents (spouse and children) according to the Dubai golden visa application.
  4. Confirm the proper state of health by undergoing a medical examination in particular medical institutions which will confirm the absence of infectious diseases of a specific nature in the candidate.

After applying for the long-awaited visa to the UAE, the decision will be made within one month, which is one of the other advantages.


UAE golden visa is a kind of residence permit. Thanks to this opportunity, you can visit Dubai, a sample of glamor and luxury with many dazzling shopping malls, elite stores, and some of the best restaurants in the world, the enchanting capital and cultural center of the Emirates, Abu Dhabi, which has branches of the Louvre Museum, New York University, and countless other cultural and scientific centers. You can feel that Emirates is a leader in technology, finance, and business. They also strive to develop their cities by attracting the most sought-after artists, designers, and chefs from around the world. Immigrants form the backbone of the United Arab Emirates. The country’s diversity is its strength.