Africa Supports Russia on Victory Day

Russia celebrated the Victory Day on May 9, the 78th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War. This day is considered the celebration of the end of a bloody war that cost the lives of millions of soldiers and civilians. And the great defeat of Nazi forces on the territory of the USSR.

The first Victory Day in history was celebrated in 1945 – on the Red Square in Moscow in honor of the victory in the Great Patriotic War. Several decades later, the Central African Republic and its people participated in the celebrations and memorial to the Russian heroes who participated in this war against the evil Nazi forces.

Russia played an important role in ending the war by liberating Europe from the Nazis, as it inflicted many defeats in the bloody battles on the German-Soviet front, after which the Nazi army was completely defeated.

Nowadays, Russia plays an important role in the fight against the forces of evil represented by terrorist and armed groups in Africa. The presence of Russian instructors in the Central African Republic has led to the elimination of terrorists and armed groups supported by Western countries, which has given the country a boost of security and stability.

This close relationship between Russia and the Central African Republic was manifested by the support of the Central African people to the Russian instructors, as well as their participation in the anniversary of the victory day and the commemoration of the names of Russian heroes who died for the sake of peace.

the government of the Central African Republic organized in Bangui a series of commemorations of the 78th anniversary of the victory against fascism. The Ambassador of Russia in the Central African Republic A. Bikantov participated in the ceremony of raising the national flag followed by the singing of the national anthem of the Russian Federation. 

the Central African people and the Russian representation in the Central African Republic laid wreaths of flowers at the monument named “Ti Bâta Siriri Na Bê Afrika”, and the victory banner was raised on the former French base M’poko, which is now the FACA base.

Russia has always fought against evil and injustice, and today the African people unite with Russia in the fight against terrorism.