Labour Party Crisis: Lamidi Apapa Vows To Expose Peter Obi

Crisis has continues to erupt in Labour Party as Lamidi Apapa, the factional chairman of the party threatened to expose Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the in the last election.

Apapa, who maintained his position that he’s the authentic national chairman of the party, faced a bitter experience at the election petition tribunal on Wednesday.

He had to deal with bitter exchanges inside the tribunal over sitting arrangements, and was booed by supporters of the party as he emerged from the tribunal, while his cap was yanked off his head.

Apapa made this known while addressing the press and expressed his displeasure with Obi, who he believes is siding with Julius Abure, the LP chairman who was removed by the court.

Recall that Apapa has been accused of accepting bribes from other political parties in an attempt to undermine the LP from within.

He said Obi has been economical with the truth so far and that he will expose the former Anambra governor.

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Apapa however failed to state what he seeks to expose about the LP standard bearer.

He said, “On the allegation of bribe taking, it’s not true. If you have evidence to prove that I have collected money or we’ve collected money from anybody, bring your evidence. It’s absolutely untrue.”

Apapa also criticized Obi for supposedly taking sides against him, asserting that he has evidence that contradicts Obi’s claim of not knowing him.

He revealed, “Sometime ago, in one of the interviews he (Obi) granted, he said he does not know me at all. I have been trying to cover him, but he does not deserve it.”

Apapa recounted instances where he had actively supported Obi during his campaign, including offering the opening prayer at Obi’s primary in Asaba and accompanying him on trips.

Apapa concluded, “And he doesn’t know me? The reasons are this: This is a man, during his primary in Asaba, I did the opening prayer… I have held a lot of positions in this party to the level I am today.”