Northern Hills Ltd: Pioneering Digital Transformation and Empowering Small Businesses in Lagos

In the dynamic landscape of Lagos, where urbanization and digitalization are rapidly reshaping the city, Northern Hills Ltd has emerged as a pioneering force driving digital transformation and empowering small businesses. With a vision to bridge the gap between SME vendors and digital transformation partners, Northern Hills Ltd has become a catalyst for inclusive growth, sustainable development, and economic empowerment in Lagos.

Northern Hills Ltd has successfully developed and launched a comprehensive digital transformative operations platform called Twenty Five Solutions. This platform serves as a one-stop solution, providing small businesses across Nigeria and Africa with the tools and resources necessary to thrive in the digital age. By leveraging innovative technologies and strategic partnerships, Northern Hills Ltd has created an ecosystem that enables seamless digital transformation for SMEs.

The impact of Northern Hills Ltd’s digital transformation initiatives has been remarkable. By empowering small businesses with access to digital tools and resources, the company has revolutionized their operations, enhancing efficiency, productivity, and customer reach. This has resulted in increased revenue streams, improved market competitiveness, and the creation of new job opportunities. Furthermore, Northern Hills Ltd’s efforts have contributed to the overall economic growth and resilience of Lagos State.

Some key achievements so far include:

  • Over 1,000 small businesses onboarded on the Twenty Five Solutions platform
  • Average revenue growth of 30% reported by businesses utilizing the platform
  • 25% increase in online customer acquisition for SMEs connected through the platform

Northern Hills Ltd’s commitment to driving digital transformation and supporting the underserved sector, particularly the informal sector, has been instrumental in the attainment of Sustainable Development Goal 11 (safe, inclusive, resilient, and sustainable cities) for Lagos State. The company’s collaboration with government agencies, financial institutions, and other stakeholders has facilitated the implementation of initiatives that promote financial inclusion, job creation, and economic empowerment.

Northern Hills Ltd‘s leadership in the digital transformation space has not gone unnoticed. Their CEO Ayokunle Odebiyi, in a recent statement, emphasized the company’s dedication to co-creating sustainable and inclusive city centers in Lagos. The CEO Ayokunle Odebiyi highlighted the importance of empowering small businesses, fostering innovation, and leveraging technology as key drivers of economic growth and social development. Northern Hills Ltd is committed to expanding its reach, forging new partnerships, and continuously evolving its offerings to meet the evolving needs of SMEs in the digital era.

Northern Hills Ltd has emerged as a transformative force, spearheading digital transformation and empowering small businesses in Lagos. Through their innovative Twenty Five Solutions platform, the company has provided SMEs with the necessary tools and resources to thrive in the digital age. Their efforts have not only enhanced operational efficiency and market competitiveness for small businesses but also contributed to the economic growth and overall development of Lagos State. Northern Hills Ltd’s exemplary performance serves as an inspiration for other startups and stakeholders, showcasing the power of digital transformation in creating sustainable and inclusive cities.