I Will Layoff Workers, Demolish Buildings Till Last Day In Office — El-Rufai

Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State says he would continue to sack workers, and embark on the demolition of houses and bad structures in the State until the eleventh hour of his administration.

El-Rufai stated this at a book launch in the State on Saturday, where Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State praised his courage for telling truth to power.

According to him, he would layoff any bad person needed to be sacked in his government

“Any bad thing we find we will remove so that the next governor does not need to do it again. Watch out till the eleventh hour when we shall quit office we will continue to sack bad persons and remove bad things”.

In a message to the occasion, the President-elect, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, who donated N20 million for the book launch, represented by a former Chairman of the Tertiary Education Trust Fund, Kashim Imam, described Governor El-rufai as a hardworking person.

“Give El-rufai any task, he will deliver it,” he said

Governor Wike who was guest speaker at the occasion, also said he has never seen a fearless and outspoken Nigerian, like El-Rufai.

The Governor of Rivers State said people who can speak truth to power in the country were not easy to come by, and that only Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-rufai had the temerity and courage to do so, even to the ruling party he belonged.

He said, “El-Rufai, for me is one leader that who’s greatness defies categorisation. Governor El-Rufai embodies character, commitment and hard work. He is bold. He’s courageous and daring with a strong spirit of Justice, equity, and fairness.

“He (El-Rufai) is socio-politically assertive and unbending in his loyalty to principles. Governor El-Rufai is never known to be sycophantic. I could remember his controversial letter to President Muhammad Buhari, especially the one written in March 2017 that challenged him to deliver the people’s expectations to avoid falling on the wrong side of history.

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“I don’t know how many governors will have the courage to write a seating president of his party to say, ‘Look do the right thing’ being the expectations of the people so that you will not be on the wrong side of history. It takes men of courage; it takes men of character.

“No sycophantic person can do that. I don’t know people who can even look at the president’s face. Everything that Mr. President do is right. Mr. President does no wrong. That’s not El-Rufai for you. His loyalty to principles is not for not telling the truth. And that is what leadership and the kind character that we required for this country today.

“Those who will look at you eye ball-to-eye ball, not an insulting way, but to advice you, this is not right. And that is why some of us have no choice but to relate to him. You remember what happened in this country. El-Rufai was one of the APC governors who came out boldly to say look for the unity of this country; for this country to move forward, let the presidency go to the south.

“After all, he has all it takes to say, to also say he will vie for the presidency of this country. You can’t say no. But he said this is the country we are building together, we want unity to move forward. I don’t know how many people that can set aside their selfish interests and come out to say let us go to the South. And that’s why we will say “agreement is agreement.” El-Rufai believes that agreement is agreement. Keep to what we have agreed.

“That’s why when I saw the invitation, this morning, it was raining heavily, I said if it likes, let there be flood everywhere, I must be here today, to participate, honour a man who has shown character; who has shown that service is not all about getting to be elected. It’s a privilege to render service to your people. That is why he has chosen the people first; he has put Nigeria first. You are on the right side of history.”

Information Nigeria reports that the book titled, ‘Putting The People First,’ authored by a veteran journalist and public commentator, Emmanuel Ado, was written about him (El-Rufai) and his administration in Kaduna State.

The book was reviewed by a former Nigerian Television Authority’s ace newscaster, Eugenia Abu.