Nigerian Student In Northern Ireland Arrested For Allegedly Trying To Have ‘Sexual Relations’ With Children (Video)

A Nigerian man studying in Belfast, Northern Ireland, has been arrested for allegedly trying to date and have ‘sexual relations’ with children.

The man who was identified as Cyril Kenneth, was apprehended after relatives found out he was having sexual conversations with their 15 year old niece.

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The Nigerian man who arrived the country in February this year, said he started chatting with the 15 year old and other teenage girls because he needed friends as he is new in the country.

He also claimed he was asking them the sex-related questions so as to guide and advise them not to start having sex, because they are minors.

He was however confronted with chats in which he was asking the young girls if they were virgins and also with photos of him in boxers with his dickprint showing.

During his interrogation, Kenneth blamed the devil for falling for the temptation. He was then arrested and will soon be arraigned in court.

Watch video below: