Traditionalists Call Out Gospel Singer, Tope Alabi For Using Their Slang During Church Ministrationa

Popular Nigerian Gospel singer, Tope Alabi has been asked by Yoruba traditionalists to identify with them for using their slang.

This comes after Tope Alabi used the word ‘aboru aboye’ while ministering in a church.

The word ‘aboru aboye’ is a popular phrase used by a particular sect of traditional worshippers to greet each other.

Many social media users bashed her for using such words in a church while others queried her spirituality.

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nicephorelworld_ wrote: Looking at where Tope Alabi is coming from via Ajanaku saga, she needs to be careful with the kind of message she is passing with her song. Not again! Aboru Aboye yes is Yoruba language with a meaning and significant with Isedale (traditionalist). Please, gospel musicians should beware and not bring confusion into the church and Christian community as a whole. Let’s know where you belong abeg. Oversabi is what is killing us in Nigeria. Abor aboye bawo in the church of God…. I am yet to get over the Ajanaku story o, bcos Tope Alabi is someone I hold in high esteem when it comes to music and gospel and that story really disorganized or messed up my perception about her. Please let me recover fully from that.

_thejesuskindofgirl_ wrote: If you are the type that listens to tope alabi well, you will know she sings with deep Yoruba language.. so I’m surprised someone is coming out to say this nonsense 3 people be looking for means to drag a minister every chance they get

Olaxie100 wrote, “She’s not supposed to use that word but if you think she is right then why are we not saying ase in church instead of Amen?? wrote, “Why are people defending what they can’t? The greeting is limited to only the idol worshippers, most especially the Ogboni confraternity. Aboru Aboye; then the recipient would answer Aboye Bosise. If you’re still doubting this as a Yoruba person, please try to greet your parents by saying Aboru Aboye then come back to give me feedback

ajokkyma wrote: Tope Alabi sings in ijinle yoruba and that is what she does with this song so make those oniyeyeee find place go Sit.

iamdejavoo_ wrote: Naso she use one herbalist in disguise of a pastor take do baba isale den

thequeen_mofola wrote, “She has said she’s an “abiye”… It’s an Ogboni title… She codedly came out of the closet! Na her first assignment be that. Na this Aduke I dey pity… Olorun make kan se pasiparo Ogo ti e…she should keep tagging along with Tope Alabi

Dejavoo wrote: Naso she use one herbalist in disguise of a pastor take do baba isale den

Mayreedee__ wrote: Tope Alabi can do no wrong in my eyes, that woman is too deep for some of you to understand her song, that’s why you are always quick to condemn her, she is not your regular gospel artist.. She owns her song and her lyrics….

Recall that Tope Alabi was linked to the late Prophet Ajanaku, who was reportedly into traditional religion.

Speaking out on their relationship after his passing, Tope Alabi revealed that she had distanced herself from him even before the scandal.

Alabi, who was rumored to be having an affair with the prophet, said there was nothing sexual between both of them.

According to her, she had already parted ways with the late man of God before rumors of his diabolic ways came to the fore.