Woliagba Slams Content Creators Over Disrespect For Women’s Body

Nigerian comedian cum actor, Ayo Ajewole, popularly known as Woliagba, has slammed content creators over the increase in disrespect for women online.

Woliagba, who seemed displeased with the trend, said those videos are demeaning to women and place no value on them.

The thespian stressed that Nigerians are people of culture and tradition adding there are many ways to pass educative messages without touching sensitive areas.

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He wrote: “I am beginning to see the level of disrespect for women’s body increase on social media all in the name of content creation! Who are creating the content for?

“I can’t count the number of times I have had to switch from IG to Bible each time my son was watching with me, and we stumbled on some videos that are immoral in content. This generation! Sleep, wake up and flex! That’s all! No values… Nobody is learning handwork anymore.

“We are people of Culture and Tradition. Why the sudden boldness to put full hands on women’s bom/butt all in the name of content creation?

“There are several ways to pass the same message without needing to touch the sensitive areas. Which message are u passing when you have increased viewers’ desire for the immoral? The message is for who?

“Or you are just out to enjoy yourselves before the camera? Is this funny? How can u even call this comedy?

“If you want to be known, please be known for something worth everyone’s applause.”