Google recognizes TECH Technological University as a Premier Partner 2023

The world’s largest digital university is positioned among the 3% of companies that are recognized as Google Premier Partners for their results, level of performance and quality of online service

TECH Technological University has been awarded Google Partner Premier 2023, a badge that positions it as the best online university in the world, according to Forbes. Through this recognition, Google has rewarded the dedication of the educational institution to offer digital services of the highest quality, a commitment that is materialized through the most advanced virtual learning platform on the market and that has allowed it to become the best-rated university in the world by its students according to Trustpilot, ranking among the top 3% of companies in the digital sector by Google.

In this way, the requirements to become a Google Partner Premier are demanding and are related to the performance of the digital services offered. Google values the optimization of web services, rewarding the excellence of institutions that provide their users with an efficient, flexible, and tailored experience. However, the Silicon Valley-based technology organization considers the sustained and pronounced growth in users of the companies analyzed.

Thus, with this award, Google has considered the quality of the specialists working at the university since, when obtaining such a distinguished recognition as this, the team of experts in digitization and educational innovation that are part of the project is also evaluated. In the case of TECH, the best-rated university in the world by its students according to the Trustpilot platform, the American giant has positively valued the work of the dozens of specialists in marketing, SEO, or SEM, among other areas, who are in continuous work to perfect the digital platforms of the university. All of this is to improve the student experience and offer greater reliability in the processes.

In addition, one of the elements most scrutinized by Google when choosing Premier Partner companies is the diversification and optimization of services and products. In fact, several studies show that users only wait 3 seconds on average for a website to load, if during that time the content is not displayed, these users will leave. This is why Google rewards web performance so much because it has a direct impact on the time a user spends on a given page. In this sense, TECH, the best online university in the world according to Forbes, is a great reference since its digital environment has a loading time of fewer than 3 seconds. All this is thanks to the optimization of its virtual platform and the quality of its teaching resources.

Likewise, it shows the growing weight that the education sector is gaining in the technological field, since not only is the presence of EdTech companies increasing in an environment previously dominated by other types of corporations, but also the constructive collaboration between the education and digital sectors is working perfectly, changing the paradigm of analog education towards new online pedagogical models.

In fact, according to data from Statista, the e-learning market has exceeded 250,000 million dollars, and other entities such as Research and Markets estimate that the growth of this industry will be around 15% per year in the next five years. TECH, the world’s largest online university, has been a benchmark in this area, positioning itself as the most important academic company in the academic and technological field.

The inclusion of TECH in this group of organizations awarded by Google comes to confirm the data from reports and statistics, which expose the unprecedented progress of the EdTech industry. In this regard, the consulting firm Research and Markets has analyzed this sector, with a growth forecast of more than 100% between 2023 and 2027. Other entities specialized in the analysis of the economy, such as Technavio, highlight the sustained economic expansion of the sector, with an expected upward trend of almost 12% per year.

TECH Technological University at the top of Google

The Google Partner Premier 2023 distinction not only accredits the highest rigor, performance, and investment in TECH’s digital infrastructures but also places this university as one of the world’s leading technology companies. Specifically, Google awards this certification to only the top 3% of companies that are at the top of digital service performance and quality.

Also, it shows the good relationship that TECH, the best online university in the world according to Forbes, has managed to build with Google over the years, by using the functionalities of the American giant not only in an ethical way but also adapted to the requirements of today’s digital world. Thus, with this new badge, TECH strengthens its close collaboration with Google in terms of technology, promotion, and innovation.

On the other hand, this new award is in line with the positive assessment that TECH, the largest online university in the world, has been receiving over the years. All this is thanks to a perfect combination of the best technology, endorsed by Google, and the highest-level learning methodologies and pedagogical rigor, such as Relearning or the Harvard Case method.

TECH Technological University, the world’s largest online university

Google is the latest institution to recognize TECH’s work in education, but this extensive list of recognitions has been growing for many years: it is the best online university in the world according to Forbes, and it is also the largest digital university in the world. In addition, the Financial Times has placed it among the 200 fastest-growing international companies in recent years and the NBA (National Basketball Association) has chosen it as its official online university.

Additionally, TECH is the highest-rated university in the world by its students, as accredited by the review website Trustpilot. Currently, TECH has received a score of 4.9 out of 5 after more than 1,000 ratings. This is especially important, as Trustpilot is the most reliable review platform worldwide, as it verifies and confirms the authenticity of each of the opinions published by students. A rating that attracts hundreds of thousands of students from more than 150 countries and native speakers of more than 10 different languages every year.

High employability is another feature that distinguishes the success of TECH’s pedagogical model from that of other universities. The consulting firm KPMG has calculated that 99% of students from this academic institution obtain a qualified job within 12 months of graduating. This data only confirms the ratings obtained in Trustpilot and the recognition of Google, which places TECH as the largest digital university in the world.