Senator’s Son, 100-Level Cadet, Dies At Ill-Equipped Police Academy Clinic

The Nigerian Police Academy has found itself in an upheaval following the death of a 100-level cadet known as A.S. Jika in Wudil, Kano State.

Jika, a student in the department of sociology succumbed to illness while receiving treatment at the campus hospital on Saturday, according to Sahara Reporters.

A.S. Jika was the son of Alhaji Haliru Jika, a distinguished senator and former chairman of the House of Representatives’ committee on police.

It was alleged by an anonymous classmate of the deceased that Jika’s demise resulted from lapses in the care provided by the staff at the police training school.

According to the informant, swift action by the medical personnel might have potentially saved A.S. Jika from the effects of the “malaria sickness.”

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The source added that students and staff of the institution had been complaining bitterly about the services at the academy clinic.

“We just lost a cadet today due to malaria at the police academy. The boy has been in the clinic for 3 days without receiving treatment until he died today,” he said.

On the state of the clinic, a 400-level cadet said, “Yes, we do complain. If we go to the clinic, the highest drug they give us is Paracetamol. How can they give paracetamol for pneumonia?

“A cadet will go there sometime/ and they’ll chase us back. We really need intervention please. People are sick but they are scared to go the clinic because even if they go, nothing will be done. Since this commandant came, He has made life very difficult for us. The food is nothing to write home about.”