Investigate If Tinubu Paid CSU For Special Treatment – NADECO Tells FBI

The United States chapter of National Democratic Coalition (NADECO), has called on the the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to investigate the Chicago State University (CSU).

The group made this known in a statement signed by its Executive Director, Lloyd Ukwu, and Publicity Secretary, David Adenekan.

INFORMATION NIGERIA reports that, NADECO asked the security agency to investigate if there were some monetary or other inducements made to CSU by President Bola Tinubu directly or through third parties to secure certain privileges.

The statement reads: “NADECO USA would like the FBI to find out if Mr Tinubu had in the past several years made any donations to Chicago State University (CSU) directly or through third parties. This question is important to the extent that, we would like to know if there were some monetary or other inducements made to CSU aimed at securing certain privileges from CSU,” the group stated.

“The issue is, whether it is a matter of identity theft or, was the original owner of the number aware that her Social Security number was being used by another person. If SS#: 231-06-0595 is not President Tinubu’s, what is his true Social Security number and under what name is it under?

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“Who actually owns the Social Security number, 231-06-0595, written on the transcripts that the Chicago State University registrar used as an exhibit that was attached to the deposition given under oath?

“We, as citizens of Nigeria from all over the world, are asking and requesting the United States University Accreditation Body and Chicago State University Board of Trustee to look into this matter in order to clear the good reputation of Chicago State University (CSU),” NADECO said.

“NADECO USA is committed to the struggle to save Nigeria from corrupt and bad leaders. We, therefore, seek your cooperation to help Nigeria do a thorough and complete background check on Mr. Bola A. Tinubu, an enigma that has consistently fought to hide his true identity.

“The world needs to know why President Bola A. Tinubu habitually goes to court to stop the release of his documents if he does not have anything to hide?

“Since Tinubu is now the president of Nigeria, it’s in the interest of Nigerian national security and global security for the world to make sure the man who presides over the affairs of the biggest democracy and economy in Africa, is not a criminal, a certificate forger, or an identity thief.

“Nigeria, as the most populous black country in the world, must be handled with care as the impact of a failed Nigerian state or a Nigeria where criminality is institutionalised will be devastating to the world, especially if Nigerians start emigrating to Europe, America and other parts of the developed world.

“As American voters and firm believers in democracy, we appeal to our elected officials to take this issue seriously to protect democracy in Nigeria and Africa as a whole,” the statement added.