Mark Angel Opens Up About His Marriage

Popular Nigerian skit maker and content creator, Mark Angel, has made a shocking revelation about his marital life.

While sharing his private life during a recent podcast with Teju Babyface, the entertainer who gained prominence in late 2013 revealed he got married secretly and divorced secretly.

The Port-Harcourt-born thespian was making his relationship public for the first time. Mark Angel, however, did not disclose when the marriage and divorce took place.

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The 32-year-old emphasized that given the current state of his romantic life, he wouldn’t entertain his daughter dating someone like himself. Mark Angel noted during the podcast that he was in an uncommitted relationship with about five different women.

“I was once married. I have never said this on any podcast, anywhere. I got married in secret and was divorced in secret.

“I don’t know if I’m dating now or not. But I’ve like five different babes. If I were my daughter, I wouldn’t date someone like myself,” the skit maker disclosed.

Earlier, Mark Angel revealed how he almost abandoned comedy due to challenges and discouraging comments from friends.

According to him, despite coming to the limelight in 2015, he didn’t achieve a financial breakthrough until the following year.

He said there were many times he got discouraged but the vision and belief he had were stronger than the discouragement.