“Why I Go Comot My Gbola Come Online Dey Shout Make Nigerians Help Me” – Sabinus On Jay Boogie’s Surgery



Well-known comedian Sabinus has responded to the health issues facing well-known transgender Jay Boogie, arguing that social media’s drawbacks have outweighed its benefits.

Recall how the transgender is dealing with health issues caused by an incorrect surgery he did while having another BBL procedure?

He has been pleading with Nigerians to help him because he is currently unable to pay his medical expenses.

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Sabinus went online to react, wondering why a person would choose to remove their natural reproductive organ, and when things go wrong, they still come online to cry for help.

There are families under the main bridge in Lagos who are struggling to feed themselves, as Sabinus pointed out when he suggested that the money could be better used for other purposes.

His words read: “Tomorrow I go comotmy gbola to put Psy den if the thing go wrong I go come de shout for Nigerians to help Social media has really given avenue to many things Go to the mainland see family Wey never chop food for 3 days and they are still managing life D disadvantage of social media don de pass the advantage I remember when children fear parents unless most characters won’t be allowed in a country like this that doesr{t support such !!! They go still insult me but e no de cause debit alert.”