“Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock Saved Our Marriage” – Jada Smith

Will Smith’s wife, Jada Smith, has revealed that her husband’s famous slap of Chris Rock during a concert was the reason their marriage survived.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Jada revealed that the occurrence was a watershed moment in her life and made her realize she would never leave Will.

She referred to the incident’s aftermath as the “holy slap,” highlighting the fact that the contentious period was followed by positive results.

Jada reflected on the experience and said: “That moment of the sh!t hitting the fan is when you see where you are. After all those years trying to figure out if I would leave Will’s side, it took that slap for me to see I would never leave him. Who knows where our relationship would be if that hadn’t happened?”

Jada proceeded, emphasizing the positive outcomes of the situation and thanking everyone for attending the ceremony even though she was on the approach of missing it. Her comments come after she had stated in an interview that she wanted to remain with Will Smith forever.

In recent years, the couple has faced a fair share of challenges.

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However, their relationship’s healing, development, and introspection were spurred by this unanticipated conflict.

Jada Smith claimed that Will and Chris Rock’s peculiar encounter served as the catalyst for their unprecedented closeness.