“Are You Mad?” – Portable Berates His Fourth Babymama, Ashabi For Granting ‘Useless Interview’, Not Keeping Secrets

Popular Nigerian musician, Habeeb Okikiola, also known as Portable, has responded to a recent interview that featured his fourth baby mother, Ashabi Simple.

Recall the young actress recently went on the Talk To B show and shared details about her relationship with the artist.

The controversial interview quickly gained widespread attention, and the Zazu Zeh vocalist used Instagram Stories to address the issue in a series of videos.

Portable was upset with Ashabi’s interview, and he insulted her in his post. The musician inquired about his baby mama’s mental state.

He informed her that, as a responsible man, he needed to let his side chick know that he has a wife at home.

The singer went on to question her, asking why she can’t keep secrets.

In his words,

“Are you mad? What’s with the rubbish interview you’re granting? If they trained you and you didn’t learn, why not return home for more training? I have a real housewife nau, do you know how many wives I have and I’m responsible for? Any responsible man who is with his side chick needs to talk about his wife and kids so that they know he is responsible.

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“So why are you asking me why I’m talking about my wife? Have our families already joined us together? The woman that owns the husband sef is not disturbing you, you that is sneaking to sleep with her husband is the one doing too much. Stop nau, why are you doing a useless interview? Can’t you keep a secret?”