Director, Adanma Luke Ordered My Arrest After Surviving Accident That Killed Junior Pope – Tochukwu Okafor

Nollywood actor Tochukwu Okafor, well known as Tc Virus, has said that after the boat accident that killed fellow actor Junior Pope, the film director Adanma Luke tried to have him arrested.

TC Virus said Luke ordered his arrest in response to the boat operator’s claims that he caused the catastrophe that killed Pope.

Pope and several others died in a boat accident in Anambra while returning from a filming site.

While others died, TC Virus survived by leaning on a rope following the tragedy.

However, TC Virus said that the boat operator informed Luke that he stood up and blocked his view during the trip.

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In an Instagram Live, he said: “Adanma Luke asked the Marine police to arrest me because the boat operator was lying that I stood up during the trip so he could not see the oncoming boat.

“As slim as I am, I stood in front of the boat and you can’t see, are you okay? You who’s a pilot.”