Alleged Cable Thief Electrocuted At Lagos Airport Powerhouse

An unidentified individual is alleged to have been electrocuted while attempting to steal electrical cables inside the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria, FAAN, powerhouse at the Lagos airport.

Mrs. Olubunmi Kuku, Managing Director of FAAN, made the announcement on Monday at the inauguration of a 30-man security team that would operate at the Lagos airport.

Kuku, who stated that the electric shock occurred recently, adding that the unnamed individual illegally entered a building where FAAN power generators were installed.

She went on to say that the man got electrocuted while disconnecting power installations at the airport.

According to the managing director, the agency is working tirelessly to close any gaps that could allow illegal individuals to enter airports.

She claimed that miscreants had crossed airport perimeter fences and taken airfield lighting equipment.

She stated that FAAN had been looking forward to the introduction of the 30-man security force.

According to her, there has been a significant investment in airport security, from armoury to personnel training and the acquisition of weaponry and ammunition.

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Addressing the newly inaugurated security personnel, Kuku said: “You have been specially selected to be part of this unit. This is a special unit. Hopefully, there won’t be any need to use your arms.

“What is critical is that we want you to work very closely with the other security agencies at the airport. This is an environment that we want to keep safe and secure.

“Today, we are collaborating with all the security agencies, especially with the Air Force.”

The FAAN managing director remarked that President Bola Tinubu, Minister of Aviation and Aerospace Development Festus Keyamo, and National Security Adviser Nuhu Ribadu are still dedicated to airport security.