Davido Slams Dammy Krane With Law Suit Over ‘Malicious’ Tweets

Davido’s legal representatives have sent a cease and desist letter to Dammy Krane, demanding that he retract a tweet that accused the singer of being a “murderer” and “cheat”, and issue an apology for the defamatory statement.

It should be noted that Dammy Krane had recently taken to social media to make allegations against Davido ahead of his marriage to Chioma Rowland.

Additionally, he said that Davido would never be at peace, no matter how wealthy he was.

On Friday Dammy Krane wrote: “There’s nothing worse than murder #davido You fit get money but you no fit get peace #Karma.

“Ps: Dont ever get married because your girl caught you cheating you wan gbe-iya-wo (Carry suffer look) Congratulations Owe B Owe — Big Daddy Krane”

In response to these remarks, Davido’s legal team filed a notice of defamation against Dammy Krane, requesting an immediate retraction.

The lawyers urge that Dammy Krane erase the tweet and stop defaming Davido within 24 hours or face legal action, including damages and injunctive relief.

In addition, he was admonished not to make any future defamatory statements about Davido on any platform.

The letter reads: “We are informed by our client that you have repeatedly published statements on your social media platforms that he finds not only defamatory and offensive but which also constitute an act of cyberbullying.

“Our client has further informed us that whilst in Abuja, he became aware of the latest in your series of defamatory posts, which is your publication of June 21, 2024, which you caused to be published on your X (formerly “Twitter”) page using the handle #dammy_krane, wherein you stated thus: “Theres nothing worse than murderr #davido You fit get money but you no fit get peace #Karma

“Ps: Don’t ever get married because your girl caught you cheating you wan gbe-iya-wo ( Carry suffer look ) Congratulations Owe B Owe — Big Daddy Krane”

“The simple imputation to be drawn from this post is that, amongst other reprehensible things, our client is a murderer.

“Our client vehemently asserts that contrary to the insinuations in your post, he has never been charged with or convicted of any offence, including murder.”

The letter emphasised how well-known and respected Davido is around the world as a musician and humanitarian and stressed how obvious it is that the articles are malicious and inaccurate.

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It added, “The malicious nature of your post is also evident from your subsequent post taunting our client and stating that “He can’t sue because i speak the truth Oponu”, when in fact you know your allegations to be false and outlandish.

“The above posts which you published to your over 342, 600 followers on the X platform have been circulated globally and syndicated by hundreds of blogs across the world. Given the status of our client, this post has unsurprisingly gained significant traction globally, and our client is at the time of this letter trending at No. 1 on X Trends for Nigeria, attracting thousands of negative comments and reactions in the process.

“Your conduct in publishing these statements, despite knowing them to be false, is not only malicious but also orchestrated to defame and injure the reputation of our client, a globally recognized music star. Such actions constitute a civil breach as well as an infraction of the relevant criminal laws.

“Therefore, we hereby demand that you: 1. Within 24 hours from the date of this letter, remove and retract the offensive publication from all your social media platforms.

“2. Immediately refrain from any further publication of defamatory statements against our client on any platform whatsoever.

“Take Notice that your failure to comply with these demands within the stipulated timeframe will compel our client to pursue all available legal remedies, including but not limited to initiating legal proceedings against you for damages and injunctive relief, and escalating this matter to the relevant law enforcement agencies.”