My Children Will Be British Citizens, I Won’t Get Them Nigerian Passports – Solomon Buchi 

Solomon Buchi, a Nigerian writer, has stirred outrage with his public determination to solely get his children British passports.

He shared this on Twitter on Tuesday, where he received criticism for his statement.

The author indicated that he would only seek a British passport for his children, and that the decision to get a Nigerian one would be entirely up to them.

According to him, patriotism can only exist when citizens are proud of their government.

He would not, however, urge his offspring to settle there as he has unfairly claimed a portion of the nation

He tweeted,

“My children will be British citizens by birth, and I’m not getting them a Nigerian passport/citizenship until they turn 18 and can decide if they want to get a Nigerian passport.

If you think I’m not patriotic, use that your patriotism to buy you a bag of rice for 10K.”

“Why are people crying over my choice?

Patriotism is linked with national pride, and national pride is derived from national legacy. Americans are patriotic because America has a reputation that favors them. Britons are patriotic because Britain has a reputation that favors them.

But you want me to be patriotic to Nigeria, a country that ranks as one of the worst places to live; one of the weakest passports. My country where I was kidnapped by the police and nearly killed? A country where the financial crime outfit jumped into my brother’s house with masks and attempted blasting the CCTV camera?

I donated to the ENDSARS campaign; I also put my life at risk and championed the Uyo protest despite being ill. I have tried my best for Nigeria as a country, and i believe that my decision for my future children is what every reasonable father wants for his children — to not have your kids suffer like you did.

I still believe in Nigeria, but it’s best done from a long distance. Am I patriotic? Politically, that’s bleak; entertainment, music and culture wise, yes, but let’s keep watching if Nigeria will get any better.

Hundreds of youngsters died during the protest. What began of their lives? Bruh! Forget, unless it’s never happened to you.

The Nigerian police in Wuse, Abuja, threw me into the trunk of their car, and beat patriotism out of me, because how did I work to afford to buy an iPhone and live in Abuja.

I also genuinely pray that the country gets better because everyone cannot leave.”

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See some reactions to his assertion,

@koshinspiration advised: “Please go ahead. No problem. They may have British passports, but they can never be British. Go and check that well. The Britons know themselves, and when the push comes to the shove, they will be told by the real Britons…😁”

@josh_uglyasf said: “The people who will come here to drag you for this, most of them desire to have this too for their kids and would not even want their kids to visit Nigeria let alone have pp but let’s do social media shenanigans”

@Desmuyee wrote: “Be calming down, sir..No matter where you go, remember the road that leads you home.”

@Bigstan1477 added: “My 3 kids are Americans! I see nothing wrong in this decision. I love your idea.”