NiDCOM Rescues Two More Trafficked Nigerian Girls In Ghana

The Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NiDCOM) has announced that two additional females trafficked for prostitution in Ghana had been rescued.

It should be noted that the commission had rescued 10 Nigerian girls who were trafficked to Ghana for prostitution last week.

In a statement released on Tuesday and uploaded on its X platform, NiDCOM director of media, public relations, and protocols unit Abdur-Rahman Balogun stated that the two girls were rescued on Monday.

He said that the girls were saved by the Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation (NIDO) Ghana.

The two girls, one from Edo and the other from Lagos.

One of them recounted their ordeal, claiming that they were trafficked into prostitution while working as supermarket sales girls.

She claimed their abductor made them swear a “oath” that would drive them insane if they escaped.

The rescued girl also stated that their phones were seized, and they were threatened with the release of their naked photos and videos.

She said, “I was at home one afternoon when a friend of mine came to me and said there are job opportunities in Ghana.

“We don’t have jobs in Nigeria and we have families to take care of, so we decided to go. They told us we were going to work in a supermarket but on getting here, we found out that it was prostitution.

“We wanted to leave before things got worse but they cut our hair and did a naked video of us, saying that if we tried to run, they would make us mad or they would post our naked video on the internet.

“They make us dress half-naked and it is not as if we were comfortable. We eat at 6pm and we will not eat again till 6pm the next day.”

On how they got to Ghana from Lagos, she said “When we got to Mile 12, they crossed us through the water. The name of the person who transported us is Oga Sunny. Their station is at Mile 2, close to FESTAC town.

“After we crossed the water, he (Oga Sunny) handed us over to another person at the bus stop. We passed Ghanaian police and immigration but I don’t know the magic they did. It seems they have connections or something like that. I can’t really explain but we landed here.”

“When we got to Accra, Miss Nelly and Nickky came to pick us. When we got to the house the first day, we didn’t go to the road but on the second day they asked us to go to the road.

“She even made us swear by the Bible, if not, I would have run since. Even the Bible does not support such but she has our hair that she cuts and the naked videos. I decided to run because I believe there is nothing God cannot do.”

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According to Abike Dabiri-Erewa, CEO of NiDCOM, the girls, who are now in secure custody, are providing important information to help track down their traffickers.

The NiDCOM CEO reaffirmed her demand for a coordinated effort to tackle human trafficking in all its forms.

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