“Peter Obi Supporters Are Disrespectful IPOB Apologists” – Daniel Bwala

Former spokesman for Atiku Abubakar in the 2023 presidential election, Daniel Bwala, has described supporters of the Labour Party, known as Obidients as Biafra apologist.

Bwala noted that the Obidients are members of the Indigenous People of Biafra, adding that Peter Obi, the party’s flag bearer has no democratic record as a politician.

The political analyst led this out during an interview session on Channels Television’s Morning Brief on Friday.

Bwala stated that he constantly attacks Obi and Obidients on social media platforms as a form of self-defence against alleged bullying by Obidients.

He condemned the LP supporters for always attacking and abusing those who don’t agree with them on issues concerning Peter Obi and the Nigerian Presidency.

He said: “I am not obsessed with Peter Obi. First of all, Peter Obi is not an issue right now in government.

“The President is sitting on the saddle. Even the person who came second was not Peter Obi.

“What I do as a private citizen, having my rights, is what we call the right of self-defence.

“There are a set of people who believe that this country cannot make progress unless their wishes are forcefully pushed down the throats of the Nigerian people.

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“They are the ones that come on all of social media handles and gallivant like sheep without shepherd.

“They accuse people. They abuse people. During this democratic period, they come on various platforms to accuse people on their democratic credentials

“The reason they keep talking is that the man whom they see as numero uno, the man who taught them how to take back their country, the man who taught them how to win by bullying, does not have democratic credentials either in his days as a student or after he finished his university or during his work period. Nothing like human rights advocacy, nothing like civil society, nothing like philanthropy, no connection with democracy.

When asked if Obi was part of the fighters of democracy in Nigeria, Bwala said no, adding that the former Anambra state governor doesn’t know the value of democracy.

He added: “So, when you do not suffer, and there is no blood, sweat and tears, you will not know the value of democracy, and that the greater number of those who come under that cover – Obidients – in my opinion are actually IPOB and IPOB apologists masquerading themselves as Obidients.

“They don’t have respect for all the virtues and elements that constitute free society. Nobody survives their vulgar as long as the person does not join them in saying that Peter Obi is the President of Nigeria.

“But Peter Obi, as everybody knows, is the President of social media but not necessarily the President of Nigeria.”