Samklef Reflects On His Humble Beginnings, Celebrates 13 Years Of Wizkid’s ‘Superstar’ Album

Music producer Samklef reminisced on his evolution over the years as he celebrated the 13th anniversary of Wzkid’s debut album “Superstar,”

As he worked as a struggling producer, Samklef utilised his X profile on Wednesday to reflect and tell stories of his past homelessness and sleeping on the floor.

He related how, after collaborating with a music director on a music video, he was humiliated by the director because he could not pay N5,000.

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He tweeted,

“I was homeless, sleeping on the floor in Oregun, at Mudina studio when I produced vector kilode….when I first created “Tease Me.” One night, after a video shoot for “Noni,” where I was humiliated by a director because I couldn’t pay him the remaining N5,000, The director stopped shooting, and my friends laughed and mocked me.

I begged Rodney to let me stay with him. That night, I left Oregun and moved in with Rodney and his wonderful family. His parents were kind to me.

As I started making a little money, I wanted to find my own place, but instead of getting a house, I rented a friend’s studio in Imole, opposite Big Treat, for 100,000 naira monthly. Nobody knew I was sleeping there; I kept it to myself. That’s where I produced “Don’t Dull.”

After a few months, I got another office space in Ogba, where I produced the remaining four tracks for the “Superstar” album. I started with nothing, and now I’m here.

Happy 13th anniversary to Wizkid’s “Superstar” album!

Samklef Noni!”