“Those Who Should Provide Security Tell Us To Pray God Secures Nigeria” – Pastor Lazarus Asks Nigerians To Stop Pushing Their Responsibilities To God

Femi Lazarus, the main pastor of Sphere of Light Church Global, observed that the cornerstone of our African culture frequently depends upon delegating responsibility to God.

He used an example of someone earning N50,000 who has seven children and says ‘God will take care of them’ during a sermon.

He uploaded the video on his Instagram account on Wednesday, June 12, captioning it, he wrote,

“Pray! But also learn to take responsibility, Prayer should not make you irresponsible, God is not coming down from heaven to do what you should do”

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While speaking in the video message, he said:

“We don’t take responsibility for anything; even government officials will now say let’s pray for the nation. Let’s pray because they know once they bring out that card that’s you there. Where the fellow who should do road saying “let’s pray”. The one who should provide security is saying “Pray, that God will secure Nigeria”.

Asking when the nonsense will stop, he continued: “God? God? When will you stop the nonsense? Even Israel “thou who watches over Israel neither sleep nor slumber” they have the best security architecture in the world.

“Somebody is earning 50k and has gone to give birth to seven children and said God is going to take care of you” How? Our culture is built on handing responsibilities to God.”

Watch him speak below…