Tinubu Has Tried In Certain Areas, But Nigerians Are Hungry — Orji Kalu

Senator Orji Kalu, representing Abia North, has given an assessment of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s administration.

While acknowledging successes in certain economic policies, he expressed concerns over persistent hunger among citizens.

He however spoke about the need for balanced economic policies that prioritize food production to alleviate hunger in the country.

“I’m sure the president has done well in some areas and he also needs to improve in many other areas. I’m a very practical person, I fear nobody and I support the truth,” Kalu said in a chat with Channels Television.

Kalu who commended Tinubu’s achievements in economic and monetary policies, highlighted deficiencies in fiscal policies, particularly regarding food security.

“President Tinubu has done so well in some areas, and in some other areas of feeding our people, people are hungry so I cannot say,” Kalu remarked.

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While acknowledging the importance of fiscal policies that promote agriculture and food production, Kalu expressed skepticism about the proposed N62,000 minimum wage, arguing it would not effectively address current inflationary pressures.

“I’m a proponent that local governments should be getting their money fully,” Kalu added, advocating for robust fiscal support at the grassroots level to enhance economic activities and welfare.

He further advocated for a higher minimum wage, proposing N90,000 to adequately cater to the needs of civil servants, citing the lack of minimum wage increases over the past five years.

“I’m a practical person. The civil servants need good treatment,” he added.

Kalu’s remarks underscore ongoing debates about economic policies and social welfare under President Tinubu’s administration, reflecting diverse perspectives on national development and governance.