Firearms Recovered As 69 Boko Haram Terrorists Surrender To Troops Of MNJTF (Pictures)

No fewer than 69 Boko Haram terrorists and their families have surrendered to the Multinational Joint Task Force authorities in Cameroon and Niger.

The development is coming, following a successful operation by the MNJTF, a coalition of forces from countries in the Lake Chad Basin, including Nigeria, Chad, Cameroon, and Niger.

Among the surrendered terrorists were 14 fighters and 55 women and children.

One of the fighters surrendered with an AK-45 rifle and live ammunition.

In a statement made on Tuesday, by the Chief Military Public Information Officer, HQ MNJTF, Lieutenant Colonel Ndjamena Chad, on X, said that the joint security operatives have successfully facilitated the surrender of more terrorists while rescuing others from hideouts between 1 and 6 July 2024.

The MNJTF’s intensified military efforts and strategic operations have led to increased defections within Boko Haram ranks.

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The statement reads: “This development is seen as a major victory for the MNJTF and a hopeful step towards stabilizing the region and ensuring the safety of its inhabitants. In Sector 1 Cameroon, on 6 July 2024, a combined maritime operation by Cameroonian and Nigerian forces led to the surrender of 56 Boko Haram terrorists. This group included 13 adult men accompanied by 43 women and children.

“Additionally, on the same date, 12 family members of terrorists, including 5 women and 7 children, were rescued. Both the surrendered individuals and the rescued family members were handed over to the troops of Sector 1, Operation Hadin Kai, in Gamboru and Banki for further action.

“On 1 July 2024, troops of Sector 4, Niger Republic, received 24-year-old Tijjani Muhammad, who surrendered with one AK-47 rifle, 4 magazines, and numerous 7.62mm rounds. He reported that he had escaped from a Boko Haram camp in Libye Soroa, driven by the current Operation Lake Sanity 2.”