“Your Surname Is Your Brand, Don’t Be Quick To Change It” – Divorcee Shade Ladipo Advises Married Women

Shade Ladipo, a popular Nigerian television personality, has advised married ladies not to rush to change their surnames on legal documents.

She expressed gratitude that she did not alter her last name during her marriage, which ended in divorce.

The broadcaster stated that women work hard to create their brands and should not change their surnames abruptly, particularly on official documents.

She delivered this advice on her social media account.

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On her Instagram story section on Wednesday, Ladipo wrote:

“Do you want to know one thing I’m so happy I didn’t rush to do when I was married? Changing my name.

“How could I spend over 20 years building the ‘Shade Ladipo’ brand, only to change it overnight to another name?

“Some people see my father and say, ‘Oh, you’re Shade Ladipo’s father.’

“Sis, you’ve worked too hard to build your brand. Don’t be too quick to change it, especially on legal documents. Take your time; there’s no hurry, I promise you!”