iLOT BET is a Sport Betting company that is duly registered under the National Lottery commission with the aim of making Sport Betting experience easier for everyone to enjoy. It is without a doubt the right company to choose to experience a variety of options including Football, Basketball, Badminton, Tennis, Table Tennis, Darts, Snooker, Rugby, Handball etc. in the Sports Betting and Lottery spheres.

As a result of the license, the company has been well-regulated and is operating according to local rules and regulations to protect your funds and personal information.

Being a Top Betting site, iLOT BET ensures that all payments are as quick and easy as possible. Making use of banks and a number of popular payment gateways like: Opay, Pay stack, and Palm pay for easy deposit. Furthermore, they offer numerous promotions, bonuses, and special offers that are worth mentioning.

iLOT BET has the particular advantage of offering both Sports betting and Lottery with arguably the BEST ODDS ON SINGLE MATCHES and also the FASTEST PAY OUT in the market.

iLOT BET is the “go-to” betting platform for many Nigerian sports fans. What is it that draws them to it so much? The goodness behind iLOTBET is amazing. Let me give you further breakdown into the goodness that iLOTBET has in store.



To register on iLOT BET, follow the following steps:

Log on to

As a new comer, there are two ways to create an account with iLOT- Using phone numbers or via email address.

With phone mobile number, provide the chosen number with which you want to create an account. An OTP (one time password) will be sent to that number and once you type in the OTP, and click ‘continue’, your account will be created.

Same goes for registration via email. You will receive an email with a confirmation link, you need to open that link and your account will be all set. A follow-up email will be sent upon completing the previous step, that email will contain your password. You can later change your password.

As soon as the registration is complete, a confirmation message would be sent to your mobile number, and you will receive a confirmation mail to the email address provided. Click the link to confirm your email address.

Once the confirmation is complete, proceed to enter your mobile or email and password to log into your account.

First off, as a newcomer, you will need to create and account, so let’s take a look at the registration process. There are two ways to create an account: using your phone number or your email address.

If you want to go with phone registration, you will need to enter your phone number and receive a confirmation code as a text message. Once you have the code, just enter it on the registration page and your account will be all set. You can later add personal details, and change your password.

Regardless of what registration option you decide to use – creating a new account with iLOT is smooth and easy.



iLOT BET pleasant offer is structured in an enthralling way – the amount you get as a bonus for your first deposit depends on the amount you deposited. The maximum bonus percentage is 100%, which you will be credited to your account if you deposit between ₦10,000 and ₦20,000. Deposits between ₦2,000 and ₦10,000 will get an 80% welcome bonus and deposits under ₦2,000 come with a 50% bonus.

Now while the actual percentages aren’t as high as you might have seen elsewhere – the wagering conditions are what makes the actual difference. The turnover requirement for the 50% bonus is 5x and for the 70% one it is 6x. Take for instance: If you make a deposit between #2,000 and #10,000, you will receive a bonus up to a maximum of 70%, which will be paid to your account. Isn’t that a good reason to work with iLOT?



Up to 1,000% Multiple BET Reward (start from 3 selections)

How does it work?

To qualify for iLOT’s Multiple Bet Reward, there are two conditions; you need to have at least 3 selections on your bets lip, and the minimum value of each odd should be at least 1.20.

The Reward starts from 2% of the potential winning (for 3 selections). The higher the number of games, the higher the reward we give you until you get a WHOPPING 1000% reward, only with iLOT.

The Reward Calculation can be seen below;

Potential Win = Total Odds * Stake * (1 + Reward %)

Please note that for the reward calculation, any VOID event and REFUNDED selection will NOT be considered, therefore the actual reward can be different from the one reported in your ticket.

In the case of a selection being refunded, then the reward will still apply, but the odds will be calculated as 1.0, and the number of selections will decrease by 1. For example: If a player chooses 6-Folds, with 6 odds such as 2.52, 1.6, 4, 20, 2, 1.2 and the stake is 100, then the reward will be: 100*(2.52*1.6*4*20*2*1.2)*16%. When the last selection is void, the reward will be 100*(2.52*1.6*4*20*2*1)*10%. Note that the reward rate also changes from 16% to 10% because there are only 5 selections with odds higher than 1.2 now.

There are several benefits you get with placing multiple bets such as;

Higher odds & wins: Placing multiple bets means you enjoy much higher odds than usual with the odds multiplier.

Higher rewards: You also enjoy higher rewards. The more bets you have on your bet slip, the higher your reward will be.

Since your odds increase with a multiple bet, you can offset the higher risk by betting less money to still win big.



The good thing about iLOT BET is the quality support you get from their customer care service. In fact, two support contact lines are available. +2348139842929, +234 018885889.

In addition, you can get assistance via WhatsApp (+2347084282331), this might be useful when you need to send over some files like screenshots or transaction confirmations.



Big doings for a big brand iLOT BET has an official iPhone App that is available on Apple Store and Google Play Store. Since the process of getting an app verified and listed with Apple is difficult to achieve – most betting brands don’t go for it. iLOT Bet makes it more convenient for iPhone users by creating an application for them with ease.



iLOT BET virtual is best of all where you can enjoy the virtual football Leagues and Cup. In addition, virtual betting is a computer- simulation of real football run by special software, which determines the outcomes. The best part is that you don’t have to be a football pundit or expert to bet on virtual football. iLOT Bet has several variations of virtual games, you can decide to play anyone that is suitable for you. This is a good alternative to the real sports game, if you want to try something new.


                                             SPORTS COVERED BY iLOT BET

Football, Basketball, Tennis, Table Tennis, Darts, Rugby, American Football, Baseball, Ice Hockey, Volleyball, Snooker, Handball.


                                             DEPOSITS AND WITHDRAWALS

To place a bet on iLOTBET.COM, a user must first deposit funds into their account. There are lots of available options for user as to how to deposit money into their bet wallets. In addition, you can make use of any Nigerian bank (online banking or direct banking) to top-up your wallet or withdraw your winnings. The payment methods include;

Pay stack

Flutter wave


Palm play

Furthermore, the minimum amount you can deposit is ₦100. The minimum amount you can withdraw is ₦1,000.





Go to and sign in using your phone number / email address and password. If you don’t remember your password and are unable to log in – you sign and reset your password by receiving an OTP and entering it on the login page.


Once you are logged in, you should see your current balance displayed in the top right corner of the screen. Press on the balance icon and you will open the account management page, where you will see a green “Deposit” button. Press that button and you will be taken to the payments page.


The payments page will allow you to choose between Pay stack and Palm pay, so pick the one you need and follow the given instructions to proceed with your payment. More so, you can also download Opay app and make your payment easy.


Depending on the payment method of your choice, you might need to add some additional information. For example, this applies to bank transfers – you will need to specify your account number. Now simply follow the instructions to complete your deposit.


 iLOT BET withdrawals are quite simple and require you to have a valid bank account linked to your player profile. In case you haven’t yet done that – let’s go over the process together, so you will know exactly what you need to do.

iLOT BET withdrawals consists of three main steps: verify your email address, verify your phone number and set up a withdrawal password.

When you are logged in – you should see your current balance in the top right corner of the screen. Press on your balance to go to the account management page. You will then see a “Withdraw” button, press it to start the process.

If this is your first time – you will be asked to pass a security check with your email address. Receive an OTP (one-time password) to your email address and enter it on iLOT.

The next step is to bind your phone number to your player account. It is done in the exact same way – receive an OTP as a text message and enter in on the website or app. Now your phone number will be bound to your iLOT account.

Finally, you will be asked to set up a withdrawal password. This is a new password, separate from your regular account password – you will be asked to enter it every time you request a withdrawal.

Once you complete all the above steps, you can add your bank account to your player profile and request withdrawals whenever you have sufficient funds in your iLOT wallet.


                                             FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS


Yes, it is. iLOT holds a valid National Lottery Regulatory Commission of Nigeria (License No. 0001040), which you can check on the regulator’s official website. 


Simply make a deposit and make sure that your first deposit is ₦500 or more. Deposits of less than ₦500 will not activate this bonus.

There are two variations of the welcome bonus and as you make your deposit, you will see how big your bonus will be.


The minimum amount you can deposit is ₦100.


The minimum amount you can withdraw from your iLOT BET account is ₦1,000.


The minimum allowed stake is ₦50.