Africa not far behind in Plastic Surgery

Africa not far behind in Plastic Surgery

Africa has seen a drastic growth in interest in cosmetic surgery over the last decade, as it plays a vital role in correcting dire conditions resulting from deformity and disability. Plastic surgery wasn’t available in much of Africa until recent times; for instance, in Ghana, there wasn’t any known active cosmetic surgery or surgeon until a Scottish charity established a highly trained unit in ‘93. Charitable reconstructive surgery plays a vast role in ensuring children born into poverty and suffering from correctable disabilities get a shot at normalcy. Consequently, organizations such as the one in Ghana require funding from individual or corporate donors to keep them going.

On the same note, in the past, there have been reconstructive surgeries projects that saw doctors make camps in rural hospitals and cater to a wide number of patients from gynecology, dentistry and orthopedics-related problems. Cases like these ranges from prevalence to treatment and in most instances, the cases are desperate. Due to late diagnosis of preventable illnesses, especially among children and the elderly, many people find themselves needing immediate care, which most often comes late. However, this typically happens in remote locations where basic amenities don’t come easy and parasite infected water fills most of the ponds. Surgical outreach is helping create awareness on some of the easily preventable conditions, and through similar programs, people get access to treatments through the donations made to local hospitals.

South Africa is rampantly becoming the cosmetic surgery paradise, with skilled surgeons and excellent standards combined with some of the most affordable rates. Many people shy away from cosmetic surgery due to its costly nature, but with destinations like these available and offering top class medical and cosmetic treatments, it’s no wonder SA is in fact becoming a medical safari wonderland. On top of the surgery, you have a country famous for its tourism attractions, and subsequently, masses of tourists come to vacation here each year. Such a pursuit provides a unique chance to travel overseas for a holiday, experience the sunny beaches, beautiful weather and get cosmetic surgery in the process. Vacationers will go back home looking and feeling fabulous.

Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi discovered this quite early. He has long been a fan of plastic surgery, and not because of its ability to correct dire conditions resulting from deformity and disability. From what we know, by the mid 90s he had already had extensive cosmetic surgery treatments to shave off some years from his face with a facelift; he may have even been getting treatments earlier than that. Cosmetic surgeons would make him look younger by removing fat from his belly and injecting it into his wrinkling face to give him a more youthful and healthy appearance.

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