Guest Post: Holler Back II

Holler Back II ::: (Fine Thank You)

It is well known that “a family that prays together stays together”, or if it isn’t well known, it is often said…sha! , that’s an argument for another day…so, therein was, some days back, during my family…mom and siblings, not kids and wife *winks*…morning devotion and I was the one to take the days scriptural readings. ‘Twas from 2Kings 4:1-35, but the part which got to me was the 25th verse about the shunammite woman who had no son and through some miracle through Elisha, finally got one, only for the child to die and the she had to go seek out Elisha to know “whats up!” if ‘twas part of the deal and Elisha seeing her from a distance had his servant run out to welcome her and when he asked after her hubby and her boy and those kinda ish, she said “It is well”…exact words may vary with Bible…before breaking down at Elisha’s feet.

So, this brings me to the main issue…the “It is well”, “Everything is alright”, “No problem” and the very popular “Fine, thank you”

Somehow, I had left out one thing in {html} or should I say this is a new aspect I didn’t see. The whole “fine” thing that people…You & I…say a lot even when we are up our neck in ish. What I don’t really get is where it comes from.

Is it just some programmed thing in our head that when ever we…You & I…are being asked “How are you?”, “How is the family?”, “How is work?”, we nearly always quickly say “Fine, thank you” and those kinda ish, even when we know we just got 16hours to live or we just found out that our daughter is pregnant or junky son, dead or better still we just got our occupational status upgrade from “demoted” to “fired”.

Or could it just be that we somehow want to and still have faith and thus say “Fine, thank you”, or we could just be trying hard to deceive ourselves or make ourselves happy or we do not just want to admit that we aren’t really fine…I just don’t know…well, funny enough, I think I did say fine thank you if you ask me, or would I?…what about you…lets try it>>>>>>

HOW ARE YOU???????

Kelechi Kemnele