Nigeria is a country that pays inadequate attention to the plight of her youths. From incessant strikes in the universities to the lack of adequate learning infrastructures, the lack of jobs to engage them and the pittance that is dedicated to the educational sector by the federal government not withstanding that out of its population of 140 million people, 65 million are youths.
This inept attitude towards the Nigerian youth is what has led such youths to acts that are morally wrong and violent. First there was an outbreak of internet fraud called “yahoo yahoo”, to the taking up of arms by the Niger Delta militants and recently to the vicious and violent killing of members of the NYSC during the post election crisis in the Northern parts of Nigeria.
These sad experiences led to the emergence of many youth advocacy groups in Nigeria during the past few months, groups such as Enough is Enough, Nigerian youth Development Initiative(NYDI), RISE and others emerged especially during the past elections in other to work with the government in other to improve the lot of the Nigerian youth.
However, we as youths must understand that advocacy is not enough to help propagate the plight of the Nigerian youth, there must also be a certain level of participation of Nigerian youths in governance.
First, Nigerian youths should realize that our destiny is in our hands and that; we owe the next generation a duty to project, practical and workable blueprints for Nation building. Now is the right time for the Nigerian youth to overhaul his value and believe systems.
There are many ways we can reform our system, ways by which Nigerian youth can help social and economic development, ways we can make our country great again.
Some of these ways would require in some quarters a radical change in thoughts,Ideas and actions. Others would involve contionous engagement between the youths and government with the aim of formulating and implementing policies that would benefit society.
Furthermore, Nigerian youths must continually strive for excellence while maximizing opportunities and potential. Hardwork and integrity should be our watch words, love and peace our way of life.
In conclusion, we must never forget that the youths are future of any Nation, they determine how great or how terrible, our future as a Nation would be.

By Adedunmade Onibokun Esq. of


  1. hmm… Okay, I agree with you however striving for excellence can only get you so far in the Nigeria that I know. What people recognise is “who do you know”, and not necessarily “what can u do”.

    Our economy does not allow the youths to grow as they are wont to do. It limits them and their opportunities. I am in no way sanctioning all the riots and kidnaps and what-nots, I am simply stating a fact.

    Until our government can sit up and say “ENOUGH”, I fear we will slide further down. Unfortunately, it is those with the capacity to help Nigeria that help to drain it of necessary talents and young minds.

    That said, I agree we should all continue to strive for excellence in whatever we choose to do and endeavor to make our voices heard. Who knows, one day we just might be heard.