Steve Jobs And The New Apple

Everyone has always know Apple to be an iconic company. I could tell it is ‘cos of the eye-candy people enjoy from the looks of their products. iMean you just gotta love the i-thing. At first sight anyway, you could later want to toss the thing off third mainland, but initially you would love and cherish the device.
No doubt those i-things have got good appeal, and just so you know, there is something called the apple spell, and its real, I’m Serious!.
Some people could say to you “If you don’t own an i-thing, you are something”, and I think there is an “apple cult” too.
Anyway, The brain that has mostly been behind the successes of Apple is Steve Jobs as we all know, and the news of his resignation is somewhat a shocker for most people.
Jobs has been a… I don’t even know what to call him. He’s got guts. Way back, he started Pixar, an animation company, then started
Apple much later. He was then fired from the very company he started. Like he said in 2005 @ Stanford commencement Ceremony, “How can you get fired from company you started”, Well he was.
[This video is a classic.. it features everywhere, over 5 million views on Youtube.

As CEO, Jobs had a hand in everything that went on within the company, even to the tinyest detail. If you own an i-thing that uses
earphones, the little rubber that holds the L and R wires together was Jobs’ initiative, he is so concerned about aesthetics. I could say he
was a perfectionist…not that all his products were near perfect .
The company is exceptionally brilliant.
Has any company in the history of the world, hold more money than the US?. Apple recently had a fatter purse than the whole of US
during the debt ceiling crisis. * sighs* That hits me.
Prior to the announcement of his resignation, C.O.O Tim Cooks as been the boss, running things for almost a year now.
Steve Jobs has been on medical leave since January. The announcement was just to make things formal, now, guess what happened after Jobs made the resignation announcement, knowing that he had resigned unofficially a year early. This is what happened after the announcement, Apple share in the money market dropped. What were people thinking..?!
I don’t know the factors that influences share growth in the money market, but this, to me clearly shows a momentary lack of trust in anyone as CEO Apple apart from Jobs, and it could go a long way in affecting the company in the future.
Jobs had said, “If there comes a time I become incompetent as C.E.O, I would let you know”. Paraphrased.
So what happens to Steve Jobs now? Would he be Jobless?
The man would definitely not stay Jobless, his resignation would at least give him more time to address his health challenges and also assume position as Apple Inc Chairperson.
Here is what I think of Apple ‘without’ Steve Jobs,
Apple would continue to be Apple. Steve would just be the orchestrator.
COO turned CEO, Tim Cook would be as competent as Jobs was, iThink,
but really, to me nothing changes. Apple would be Apple, that bitten Apple, I’m sure is the shape of their DNA.
Now, I wonder, who would bite an Apple and it would have such a smooth curve?
Stumbled on this and just thought I should share.

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