Occupy Nigeria Protesters Storm NTA, AIT Offices

Nigerians protesting the removal of fuel subsidy stormed the office of NTA today protesting the imbalance and bias evident in NTA’s reporting of current events across the country .

They accused NTA of telling the world that Lagos had not witnessed any protests, noting that this amounted to bias.

The protesters were addressed by renowned scholar and politician, Prof. Pat Utomi.

They eventually made their way into the premises and forced NTA to record and broadcast live pictures of the protest.

Another set of protesters marched to the offices of Africa Independent Television in Alagbado, Lagos, accusing the station of biased coverage of the ongoing general strike and protests.

They threw stones into the AIT compound when they were denied entry by securitymen at the gate.

However, the spokesman of the Lagos State Police Command, Mr. Samuel Jinadu, intervened and pleaded with the protesters to calm down.

Source: Punch Newspapers


  1. Is better we let dis fuel subsidy go cos dat is one channel in which corrupt nigerians milk our tax payer’s money.Let us commend & support GEJ 4 taking dat bold step against corruption.Kudos mr president

  2. chukcu joseph:::::::u are omo ale ::: u talk like mumu::::::: why can`t u ask for accountability on d side of those that are manipulating the money and get them to face the law? so;;~!masses should be held responsible?u mst be dull

  3. @salaudeen..are we living in d same nigeria?,gv a govt dt hs done olmst notin for 4yrz bt hs managd to excel in corruption more money to launder,waste n eat N3m worth of food per day wen I cn hrdly afrd a meal..we r xkin for a revolution!! Kip it up people,n we wil continue to OCCUPY til we get wt we wnt..GEJ hs dsapointd us in ol ramifications

  4. Let us be realistic as Nigerians. The removal of fuel susbsidy is a dastardly act of the FG to provide more money for it to loot. Diesel subsidy was removed, can someone please show me what it has been used for. Have our roads improved, has electricity supply improved,are u seeing any form of development. Now U̶̲̥̅̊ tell us to support fuel subsidy? Fuel subsidy is the only form thru which Nigerians are benefitting from the oil wealth of the country, so say no to fuel subsidy removal.
    With regard to the so called cabals, the government can create laws to constitute their act of exporting fuel a crime. Or better still, d govt can beef up security @ our borders to make it close to impossible for dem to export it to neighboring countries. Why should d Nigerian populace bear the brunt of the inefficacy, callousness, insensitivity and failure of the Nig govt. Say NO to fuel subsidy removal.

  5. i think d president nd his people ar taken nigeria 4 granted. Emaginning d amount each of them ar collecting per a month. Look at d boko haram case no one said any thing even d president himself. Using d blood innosent citizen 4 their evil politics. Enough of dis .

  6. must it be money frm subsidy dat can bring dev,?if mr presido don’t know what to do,tell him to consult Fashola at least he did’t touch subsidy b4 transforming lagos state to it’s condition.dis his method is choking us.

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