Understanding the Menace: BOKO HARAM

I stumbled upon a blog which allegedly belongs to a member of the Boko haram, the authenticity of www.yusufislamicbrothers.blogspot.com however I am yet to confirm but by reading its contents,it was not so difficult to jump into that conclusion.

It however got me thinking. I read in a broadcast message that the leader of the Boko Haram sect has rejected President Jonathan’s outstretched arm of peace and dialogue. I then ask myself “what does he want?”.

The National Security adviser said the other day on national tv that Boko Haram would soon run out of suicide bombers, but I say what if they do not and if they eventually do,how much damage would have already been caused. As a way of tackling the problem from its root,have we asked ourselves “WHAT MAKES A PERSON decide to be a SUICIDE BOMBER or TERRORIST? “.

I once believed the answer to this question was illiteracy or a poverty stricken mentality when all hope of survival is lost. History, however tells us different because Bin Ladin and our very own Abdumutallab are from wealthy families,moreso they attended some of the best schools too.

It is believed that a coward cannot commit suicide because the act of taking one’s life in the first place is an act of bravery. So in the normal sense of the word neither are they cowards,rather they are dedicated and devoted believers in their cause, the justification of such cause however is another matter and not the issue at hand at this moment.

Over the years, scores of Boko Haram members have been killed by security operatives but they have not been dwindling in numbers rather they seem to be growing and expanding. The truth is no matter how many boko haram members are killed, others would rise up in their stead.

What then must we do,to uproot Boko Haram? Kindly Leave comments

By Adedunmade Onibokun


  1. since their leaders are known and have been invited for discussion but they refused, it means that they are humans and not spirits. what need to be done is to take decisive action to eliminate them and their sponsors. no life is more important than the other. Can Nigerian youth unite and carry out revolution in this country irrespective of whose ox is in question?

  2. To my own perspective i can see that this so call Boko Haram they have something boring their mind because i don’t think that someone can engage in killing a human being like him if thier is no tangible reason, what i will say is that the Northerner leaders should try to invite the Boko Haram Leader and ask him why are they doing such evil thing and what they want.

  3. Last week, the Chief of Armed Staff complained that they can’t succeed in destroying dis BOKO HARAMS if d whole nation would not reject them. My contribution is dat d muslims should open their armpits so that we know these BOKO HARAM members in their midst and eliminate them.

  4. I don’t think that government start real fight with those terrorist yet. So how i think that they are going to dwindle ? All what i knew is that; government’s security ongoing, taking suspecting members of Boko Haram. Who knows maybe the suspecting were not the real Boko Haram, the real one are standoff !!!

  5. As for me i think security should be pepped up,and laws should be passed just lyk dat of same-sex marriages,as to the penalty invovled if caught. Once that is done,you’ll put the BH and their members at a catche 22 situation.

  6. my opinion on dis matter “boko haram” can be easily solve if only they will give power to a group of people within their locality( vigilante). Force can’t solve d matter bcos nobody is ready 2 die & they all have family. Dis vigilante knows boko haram hidings & they have charms. Afta dat the govt shud also repent of their corrupt, selfish, self-centered, greedy practice, bcos that is what is fueling dis nefarious behaviour of boko haram.

  7. if boko haram is real, d only solution is to reverse what government have done for them, which is difficult. The government start the game by killing them the way they like.

  8. i wonder why people and d government are blaming the boko haram. My fellow nigerians dont forget, no any constittution in the world that says when boko haram are arrested to be kill recklessly by the force. Where are d human rights, where are d criminal court. And what they are saying about constitution is true both in the hoy books. And coruption is around. Anyway i dont support boko haram for he killing of innocent lives and goverment sholed find he solution to ths crisis.

  9. WHO IS FOOLING WHO? The leaders and the politicians financing,suppling arms,protecting and controlling the barbarians-boko haram and we talk of combing boko haram,FIRST THING FIRST,The selfish politicians(both home and abroad)who are behind the catastrophe should be reprimanded and executed,from there,boko haram will lack finances and it will fall. Its time for the Nigerian youth to wake up from sleep and help alluviate this menace.

  10. First and foremost, the fact that this boko haram sect are being sponsored by some highly influential and wealthy northern politicians cannot be overemphasised. This sect are after nothing but GEJ’s government. It should be recalled that OBJ engaged in a political conflict with his vice during the days of no third term in office for OBJ and the self centred OBJ tackled his vice against running for presidential post. In this regard, some highly concerned northern politicians are behind this scenarios.

  11. 1 tin nigeria shud knw is dat,u dnt negotiat wit terrorst u only kil them bcuz thy ar lead by weaked and ungodly leaders.he clearly ar fightin 4 islm bt i belv sum politiancns ar usin them 2 distabliz gudluck’s regm.d bst way 2 tackl dis is by wipin dem out just lyk wat is bein don in somalia datz d bst way.


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