Hit black British sitcom Meet The Adebanjo’s takes to the London theatre after overwhelming demand from viewers for a live show

Meet the Adebanjo’s Live in Theatre in association with Arik Air.

Date: Saturday 14th July, 3pm and 8pm.

Venue: Catford Broadway Theatre

The popular black British sitcom Meet The Adebanjo’s, which chronicles the escapades of a modern British-African family living in London, is set to hit the stage this Summer, after thousands of viewers emailed the show’s producers, demanding a live theatre production in celebration of the show’s one year anniversary.

On Saturday 14th July, the Catford Broadway Theatre will play host to two hotly anticipated live showings of the hilarious independently-produced and -created show which has captured the imaginations and tickled the bellies of viewers around the world since it began in June 2011.


The story behind how Meet The Adebanjo’s got to be where it is now in just one year is an incredible tale of the power of technology and new media tools coupled with a visionary team who were passionate about bringing British viewers a slice of their own experience of life, as first-generation born British children of African immigrants. It has gone from being an online phenomenon which now has over 750,000 views, to a TV hit seen by millions of people on several SKY TV channels, a winner of 3 TV awards, international acclaim and is now making a highly-anticipated debut on theLondon theatre scene.


Although Debra Odutuyo, the show’s creator and executive producer, and banker-turned-TV-producer-and-financier Andrew Osayemi, had high hopes for the show, they didn’t expect for it to resonate so deeply with black Brits like themselves who, ignored by the mainstream channels, have been hungry for something that speaks to their own experience. People of all ages and entire families have tuned in to watch Meet The Adebanjo’s on various multi-media platforms. The live experience will also be a multi-generational family affair to be enjoyed by all people of all ages.


“Our plan for the live show is to
take the same comedic fun that our viewers have enjoyed in their living rooms  to the live stage. All the actors will be there and fans of the show will be able to get to see and
meet their favourite stars in the flesh,” says an excited Odutuyo who is currently in rehearsals with the cast.

Many have already come to know and love the show’s characters: the hapless Dad (who starred in the movie Johnny English and is now playing the lead role in new movie Phone Swap) who tries to instill his traditional African values into his children, the romance-wanting Mum, cheeky brother Tobi, sassy sister Sade, the troublesome Aunty Funke and mischievous next door neighbour Kevin. For them and for those who are just getting to know the show, Meet The Adebanjo’s promises its audience a great time watching the family and their friends play out their antics on stage.


This is a show that you definitely don’t want to miss.


Catch Meet The Adebanjo’s on The Africa Channel (SKY 268) on Friday nights at 9pm.



Box office information:


Tickets are available to buy now. Afternoon show (3pm) tickets are priced at £10 for children, £17.50 for adults. Evening show (8pm) tickets are available for £15 and £20.


Catford Broadway Theatre 0208 690 0002


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