[Opinion] Letter To Mr President

It is with a heavy heart that I write to intimate you of the happenings in our dear land. We pride ourselves as the most populous black nation with abundant human and natural resources.

We have all it takes to make our land a pride of place among the committee of nations as a leading emerging economy.

Five decades and counting and we have been crawling,

taking a few forward steps and  exponential backward ones to nullify all our effort.

We fought an avoidable war that saw millions perished.

I remember my history books telling me what started the war, blaming it on ethnic and religious violence.

We leaped into the seventies where a certain leader once said money wasn’t our problem but how to spend it.

Then came the barbarous elites in khakis and robes who plundered and looted our collective wealth making corruption a way of life. Our anti corruption agencies are  weaker than toothless bulldogs and the judiciary now issues judgement for the highest bidder. Our hope of getting justice for looters of our commonwealth now lies in foreign law courts.   Merit has been  sacrificed on the alter of nepotism, sudden wealth have now become accepted without the society asking questions.

The ultimate goal in life is now how much you can accumulate.

Our certificate from the ivory towers have turned to mere papers as hard work is now ridiculed and most folks think it doesn’t pay anymore.

Our leaders have and are still taking us for a ride.

Like a donkey we have been mum

suffering and smiling like a famed musician once sang.

The whole world called us the happiest people which is indeed an irony as over 70 percent of our 160 million populace live in abject poverty even as your foot soldiers told us we are the “third fastest growing economy” in the world. The terror attacks that increases in magnitude and number of casualties each passing month is now threatening to consume us all and our security agencies seems to be on top of the situation only on television screens and on the pages of newspapers.


We can now gather ourselves and speak up for what is rightfully ours thanks to the fuel pump price you unilaterally increased as a new year gift to the already impoverished citizens.

We have seen people power topple tyrannical rulers in the Arab spring. That gives us hope that we can reclaim our father land.

Hope that we can rid our beloved nation of corruption and bad leadership.


You told us you were once in our shoes and even lived without shoes for a while. Now we don’t know if you can still remember how it feels to live without the basic necessities of life with your billion naira food budget.

You have become detached from us as some would say and even add further that you are clueless when it comes to proffering solutions to our multitude of problems. You stand a better chance than our previous leaders to help us out with your PhD if it isn’t a mere paper like that of most people who parade themselves about as academic Doctors. Mr President you have many critics now mostly due to what you have failed to do as our leader. You can still salvage the situation with more actions and less talk.


Your impoverished citizen.


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Odoh Ogwuche


  1. On a daily basis,mostly sundays..innocent xtians are been slaughtered by a group of people whom we already know are muslims…churches & properties worth millions are destroyed…its only when reprisal attacks are abt to commence,dts when u see security personnels intervene..

    Its a pity xtians outside d north can’t do anythN to help their brothers….but if d reverse were to be d case(xtians killN muslims),we are sure to ve a successful reprisal attacks wit non intervention of d military…WHAT A FAILED GOVERNMENT

    I don’t pray for d type of arab revolution BUT I forsee wat happened in mali to take place here in 9ja…where a weak govt was forcefully overthrown wit zero civilian casualty

  2. The content is commendable but with grammatical errors in all but a few single-sentence paragraphs, it’ll be shredded before ever it arrives for THIS president’s consideration. A serious editor’s touch is required here. Please!

  3. we nigerian are solemnly and whole heartedly belief in you to take us out of this critical situation we are in but all to no avail, you even worsen it and add more pains and affliction to our pre-existing ones. We are disappointed in you sir. The youths are jobless, while the old are dying in office refusing to resign. My dear brother iam rigidly behind your opinion.

  4. Mr president can you pls cancelled the National Examination council(NECO). Is not more recognise in our society because we are tired of wasteful resource yearly. They employed on competent officers and corrupt body in order to put sadness to the face of nigerians, pls kindly do something to this body before nigerians react badly.

  5. The secretary to the state govt. Of delta state, Comr. O.S Macaulay’s son called MANSON has just been kidnaped early this morning (monday 18) at about 7.30am in his home town.

    He was said to have been in his home town since yesterday (sunday 17) who slept in his uncle’s house along hospital road, owhelogbo and was on his way back to his father’s house before the unexpected incident.

    He was in a dark red colored car, suspected to be camry (i dont know the product because i witnessed the incident very far off).

    According to a friend, the son is a God fearing, humble and friendly in nature. He was attacked by the kidnappers who blocked him on his way as he was driving slow and steady. They wasted bullets as they attacked him and every close fled at the sound of the guns.

    He was taken along with the car and the kidnappers dropped their car which was a bit faulty (as i later heard).

    I’m praying that God should make them release him without laying a finger on him.

    Everywhere is just about kidnapping these days. Last 3 weeks, an old woman whose son is a wealthy engineer was kidnapped in the same community (owhelo – SSG’s home town); Last week Gov. Uduaghan’s 70year old cousin was kidnapped and today, SSG’s son.

    What is happening in our nation. Nigeria is no longer a safe place to dwell in. GOD HELP Us

  6. Mr president,we really appreciate your effort to bring things into order,may you not be put to shame sir,i have a piece of advice for you sir,concerng d state w ar now,w ar dpress to hav u as our presidnt,its in regime that things turn upside down,subsidy removal,changing of school,increase of electricity bill,turning the whole nigeria to darknes,crying wheneva bokoharam kills wich sulve not d problem,PLS vacate the post if you know dat u can’t solve our problem stop adding to it,WE BEG OF YOU

  7. Ȋ̝̊̅ڪ only God can help us i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ dis country. U call ursef our president and all dis problems keep arising n u cannot resign frm d post as if ȋ̝̊̅ڪ a do or die affair ßµt u could asked some1 to resign.

  8. Tnxs 4 dis wonderful letter we need pple like u who are bold and courageous 2 write dis and i pray God will touch our president 2 put a stop 2 dis bad happenings in our lovely county Nigeria.we all need 2 pray 4 dis country.GOD WILL SAVE US IN dIS OUR COUNTRY NIGERIA AMEN.

  9. Mr President pay attension to this warning. Why the whole injustice in my beloved country(NIGERIA). The head is sick, our president and governors, lawmakers and executor have chosen to make Nigeria a hell on earth. But listern before son days if ASUU Refuse to resume we are going to make a very supricing thing belive you me we will suprice you cos if you are not ashem of your self we have natural resources but we suffering from it please reason cos after sallah you will bear the risk of your selfishness our number is 08099187460